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    Default House Rules

    This is where I'll post any House Rules or tweaks

    Divine Favors

    Useable by anyone as long as they serve that deity. Useable only once per 24 hours. To change deities requires 48 hours of prayer, study, and meditation.

    Doranwyn: +2 to Escape Artist Skill Checks
    Sheara: +2 to Heal Skill Checks
    Haron: +1 to One attack against an Evil creature
    Zaraketh: 1 minute Prayer to Change Fate. Can stabilize someone at 1 HP. Must have failed at least 1 Death Saving throw.
    Dualis: +2 to Survival checks.
    Rajaan: +2 to Stealth OR Sense Motive
    Nozad: +2 to Knowledge: Arcana OR Knowledge: Religion

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    Investigations will be run a little like combat. Each turn is a 30 minutes time segment. During which you can choose to do one of the following actions.

    INVESTIGATE: Search a Location for clues. Uses Perception.
    INSPECT: Examine an object closely
    INTERROGATE: Ask a person questions. Uses Diplomacy or Intimidate.
    RESEARCH: Look up information on topics and perform experiments. Uses Knowledge skills.
    DEDUCE: Find connections between clues and informations. Straight Intelligence roll
    DECIPHER: Solve riddles, clues, etc. Uses Linguistics.


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