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    Default Worldbuilding

    This thread is for important information about the world and the characters you will encounter. It will be updated as the game progresses.

    Deities (still adding)

    Gyneer- NG Deity of Glory, Honor, and Nobility
    Also called The Kingmaker or The Golden King
    Symbol is a crowned Blue Orb
    2 camps within this Deity.
    1 believe that Glory, Honor, and Nobility are attained through personal achievements
    The other believe those are only got through self sacrifice and aiding others.

    Rajaan- LE Deity of Secrets, Mysteries, Espionage, and Shadowy dealings
    Called The Queen of Shadows
    Symbol is a shadowy crown

    Zaraketh- N Deity of Death and Fate
    Symbol is a scythe
    Called The Black Reaper or The Final One

    Sheara- LG Deity of Compassion And Healing
    Also called the Silver Dove, Lady of Healing
    Symbol is a...Silver Dove

    Doranwyn the Wild: NC Deity of Freedom and Independance
    Sometimes called The Liberator or the Wild One
    Symbol is a Black Hawk
    Beleive in Freedom at Any Cost, not fan of laws and rulers.

    Haron the Punisher: LG Deity of Justice and Order
    Symbol and Favored Weapon is Warhammers
    Sometimes known as The Judge or The Hammer of Justice

    Nozad- CE Deity of The Forbidden
    Everything taboo is covered here from Necromancy to dark Alchemy to theft
    Symbol is a broken Lock or a Black key
    has no other names

    Dualis- NG Deity of Nature, Fertility, and Growth
    Called the Springbringer, The Great Gardener
    Symbol is a green flower

    Grexog: CE Deity of Anger and Vengeance

    Known as The Wrathful One or The Fury
    Symbol is a fist, sometimes red

    Coradan: NG Deity of Art, Beauty, and Craftsmen

    Credited with first bringing color into the world
    Called The Lovely One or The Master Craftsman
    Symbol is a crossed hammer and brush or a rainbow.

    Touranis- NG deity of Civilization, Progress, and Community
    Called The Pioneer, The Great Builder
    Symbol is Stylized house

    Yollanias- CG Deity of Dreams, Science and The Future

    Called The Deepthinker, The Futureseer
    Symbol is a golden and pink eye
    Weapon is a Crossbow.

    Eaneric- LN Deity of Magic and Scholarship
    Symbol is Open Tome
    Colors are Purple and Silver
    FW: Staff
    - First Wizard- Ascended Being

    Chancia- TN Deity of Luck and Curiousity
    Symbol is Shovel with Die for handle
    Colors: Green and Black
    FW: Rapier
    Skuolis, CN Deity of Space, Sky, and Weather
    a.k.a. Stormbringer, Windmaster, Starpainter.
    Symbols are Star inside a cloud, Lightning bolt
    Colors are light blue, black, gold.
    FW: Javelin, Bow (any).
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