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    Default Worldbuilding

    This thread is for important information about the world and the characters you will encounter. It will be updated as the game progresses.

    Deities (still adding)

    Gyneer- NG Deity of Glory, Honor, and Nobility
    Also called The Kingmaker or The Golden King
    Symbol is a crowned Blue Orb
    2 camps within this Deity.
    1 believe that Glory, Honor, and Nobility are attained through personal achievements
    The other believe those are only got through self sacrifice and aiding others.

    Rajaan- LE Deity of Secrets, Mysteries, Espionage, and Shadowy dealings
    Called The Queen of Shadows
    Symbol is a shadowy crown

    Zaraketh- N Deity of Death and Fate
    Symbol is a scythe
    Called The Black Reaper or The Final One

    Sheara- LG Deity of Compassion And Healing
    Also called the Silver Dove, Lady of Healing
    Symbol is a...Silver Dove

    Doranwyn the Wild: NC Deity of Freedom and Independance
    Sometimes called The Liberator or the Wild One
    Symbol is a Black Hawk
    Beleive in Freedom at Any Cost, not fan of laws and rulers.

    Haron the Punisher: LG Deity of Justice and Order
    Symbol and Favored Weapon is Warhammers
    Sometimes known as The Judge or The Hammer of Justice

    Nozad- CE Deity of The Forbidden
    Everything taboo is covered here from Necromancy to dark Alchemy to theft
    Symbol is a broken Lock or a Black key
    has no other names

    Dualis- NG Deity of Nature, Fertility, and Growth
    Called the Springbringer, The Great Gardener
    Symbol is a green flower

    Grexog: CE Deity of Anger and Vengeance

    Known as The Wrathful One or The Fury
    Symbol is a fist, sometimes red

    Coradan: NG Deity of Art, Beauty, and Craftsmen

    Credited with first bringing color into the world
    Called The Lovely One or The Master Craftsman
    Symbol is a crossed hammer and brush or a rainbow.

    Touranis- NG deity of Civilization, Progress, and Community
    Called The Pioneer, The Great Builder
    Symbol is Stylized house

    Yollanias- CG Deity of Dreams, Science and The Future

    Called The Deepthinker, The Futureseer
    Symbol is a golden and pink eye
    Weapon is a Crossbow.

    Eaneric- LN Deity of Magic and Scholarship
    Symbol is Open Tome
    Colors are Purple and Silver
    FW: Staff
    - First Wizard- Ascended Being

    Chancia- TN Deity of Luck and Curiousity
    Symbol is Shovel with Die for handle
    Colors: Green and Black
    FW: Rapier
    Skuolis, CN Deity of Space, Sky, and Weather
    a.k.a. Stormbringer, Windmaster, Starpainter.
    Symbols are Star inside a cloud, Lightning bolt
    Colors are light blue, black, gold.
    FW: Javelin, Bow (any).
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    Arathain- The Kingdom this story takes place in. Also the name of the Captiol City
    Brewerton: A town of 5,000 in Northern Arathain
    Highbridge: A city of about 20,000. Capital of Highbridge Province. Built on top of a canyon with a massive bridge.
    Dalarien: Elvish kingdom to the SW of Arathain
    Relathan: Human Kingdom to the SE of Arathain
    The Arathain Range: A range of mountains that separate the nation of Arathain from the region known as The Wildersteppes
    Trinity Foothills: a hilly area named for three former city states that bordered it. Those being Theradan, Yannail, and Hillinton
    Thrallsong: City in West-Central Arathain. home to the Bard's College.
    Shakinton Village: A village about 6 hours by foot from Brewerton
    The Frostborn River: A River (der) that originates in the Wildersteppes and flows throung the Arathain Range into the kingdom
    Gyo Shao Monastary: A Monastary in the hills near Brewerton. Named after it's first Abbot.
    Witch-hazel Village: A small village named for a nearby grove of witch-hazel trees
    The Wildersteppes: A cold wilderness beyond the Arathain Range. considered No-Man's Land.
    University of Greater Arathain: The Pre-eminent school for magical studies in Arathain
    The Tipsy Rat- The sole tavern in Brewerton
    The Giant's Toe- A seedy Bar in Highbridge. Where you fought Bridges.
    Silver Axe Tavern- A classy Tavern in Highbridge
    Highbridge Manor- Home to the Lord of Highbridge and the Puzzle Guantlet.
    Hammerald- A mostly Dwarven city at the foot of the Arathain Range. was once destroyed by a massive flood.
    Shardhiem- The name of the capital city of a dwarven province in Arathain. Built on a mountainous platuea and very hard to access
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    High Prince Rombold III: Ruler of Arathain
    Lord Highbridge: Local lord in charge of the area around Brewerton.
    Hulda Rockfist: Retired Dwarven Female Fighter. Runs the Guild office in Brewerton. Kinda Grumpy.
    Joto Quickfinger: Halfing Bard and artist, Assistant and foil to Hulda.
    Titus Fotheringam-Stewart III- Human Male Paladin of Gyneer and leader of the band of adventurers known as the Golden Legion.
    Felicity Northmount- human female Wizard. Attractive. Member of the Golden Legion.
    Garak Widebeard- Dwarven Fighter. Member of the Golden Legion.
    Aldo Tikaroot- male Halfling Rogue. member of the Golden Legion, but seems like a decent sort.
    Andreas and Francine Rivers: Own a farm about 5 miles from Brewerton
    Antonius Thornbury: Human Male, 50's, Mayor of Brewerton
    Rodrick Stonehammer: Male Dwarf, Co-Owner of the Frostborn Brewery
    Malcom Woodson: Human Male- Co owner of the Brewery.
    Gron Deepdelver: Male Dwarf, runs the local armory and smithy.
    Timotheous Reginald: Human Male, runs the magic and miscellany shop. considered to be eccentric.
    Robert Finnegan: Human Male, 20's, Local merchant.
    Yanara Oakenwood: Half-elven female. 20's. Local carpenter and bowmaker.
    Antonius St.Germain: Businessman in Highbridge.
    Talia St. Germain: Intended Bride of Robert Finnegan
    Jokan Bridges: Highbridge based con artist and theif, Human Male, 20's
    Yakob Thunderbringer- Shardhiem based Dwarf Gunslinger, member of a party of 5 that stole a magical staff
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    I know it's a bit crude, but there's a map of Arathain and the surrounding countries

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    Map of Arathain

    Arathain national map.jpg

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    Many years ago, the land known now as Arathain was nothing but dense forests and wide hills and plains bisected by icy cold rivers and streams. Few beings lived there except a few Halfings in the hills and the small Dwarven kingdom of Shardhiem in the mountains. Most of the people live far to the south past the forest of Delarian, inhabited by elves since time immemorial, on a wide coastal plain. It was a peaceful time. Farmers and fishermen plied their trades. Art and culture were at an all time high. Then came the raids. Wave after wave of swarthy men, teiflings, and orc allies invaded, stripping bare the land, and slaughtering the inhabitants. These attacks left this land with the name it now bears, the Shattered Coasts. A few chose to staunchly defend their territory, building tall bastions and training great armies. Most fled north through the already inhabited lands of Delarian and Relathan. They came through the forests and into the plains and there they made their new home.

    The people formed not a united kingdom at first but a series of city states. Soon 12 small kingdoms stretched all the way from the Bay of Zanatar to the west where the wild territory of Bladeholm lay.
    In fact it was that territory of Bladeholm, settled by the descendants of those same raiders, that caused indirectly the formation of Modern Arathain. Tired with their windswept lands, they decided to expand, but they were faced with a dilemma of where to expand. To the north lay the chilly area known as the Wildersteppe. To the south lay the ruined wilderness of the Shattered Coasts, not ideal territory. That left the west, where the human kingdoms and the Elven kingdom of Dalarien lay, and only an idiot would attack Elves in a forest kingdom. That left the wide fertile, well watered plains and hills of what is now Arathain. The king of the city state of Arathain knew that the small scattered kingodoms would easily be overrun by Bladeholm's forces. So through many treaties, and negotiations, the king of Arathain united all the small kingdoms into a powerful force and soundly defeated the Bladeholmian forces. Convinced at the power that this alliance had wielded, the kingdoms tossed off their monarchal systems and became essentially an oligarchy, along with the Dwarven kingdom of Shardhiem, which saw economic advantages in joining this new nation. After all, elves and halfings and gnomes don't buy near the amount of dwarven weaponry and armor that humans do. And thus modern Arathain, ruled by it's council of 15 was born.


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