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Thread: Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

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    Default Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Seeing Nyx head back towards the drow Malbocco curses.
    He splashes down in to the water and snatches her up, tossing her on his shoulder. ^Lets get going! somebody find us a way to shake these guys!^ He takes off, following whoever can lead them out of the drow's sights. Protecting and defending is so much harder than attacking. A pang of remorse tore through his heart as he thought back to the cities he infiltrated, the confused surprised look on his victims faces. He though about Dargyr and one word kept nagging at his mind, befuddling him in the strange way words often do; Trust.

    ((Hoping to pick her up after she finds her orb))
    Abaraxas - Hoard of the Dragon Queen ((ended))
    Quess - End of the World
    Malbocco - Out of the Abyss
    Snapdragon - Curse of Strahd
    Rauw, Krogan Berserker - Mass Effect
    Sheriff Rorimac Hollow - Darkening of Mirkwood ((Completed!!!))

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    <If she wishes to stay, just leave her behind.> You cannot hear Voraxus's voice, but you get the sense of irritation through the link. <In fact, fewer people would probably make us swifter.> He keeps walking northward, staying at the forward edge of the light.

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    As the creatures screech by overhead and distract the drow, Eldeth and Ront both waste no time arguing, and begin running north. As long as Karl has the light out, Ront sticks close to him, hoping to see something of what's in front of him.

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    You all flee Velkynvelve, the drow, and the screeching and buzzing creatures.

    Your story continues in Chapter 2:

    And you also level up to 3!
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