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    Default House Rules

    House Rules:

    Feats at Level 1
    You can take a feat at first level regardless of your race if you deduct 2 points from your ability scores. You may deduct both points from one ability score of your choice, or you may deduct one point from two different ability scores of your choice. You may not start with an ability score lower than a 6.

    Leveling up
    When you level up, you can roll the hit die and take the higher of either your roll or the average roll (listed in your class entry in the PHB) before adding your CON modifier

    Critical Hits
    When you score a critical hit, you do not need to roll additional die. We will double the rolled portion of your damage.
    For example, if your damage is a d8+3 and you roll a 5 on your initial damage roll but your attack was a crit, your critical hit will do a total of 13 damage instead of 8 (roll of 5, doubled, +3 from your ability modifier).
    Note: If you have a special race or class feature that calls for additional crit dice (like the half-orc’s Savage Attacks or the barbarian’s Brutal Critical), we can discuss whether you want to roll your extra crit die or just have me add your initial roll again into the damage.

    I will use clustered initiatives in any turn-based situation. All party members who have an initiative higher than the next enemy can act in any order, then the enemy/enemies will act, and then the next set of party members can take their turn in any order. This speeds up combat as we are not always waiting on specific individuals to post in a particular order.

    Knowledge checks during combat
    You can make one knowledge check (arcana, nature, religion, or history) per round to see what you know about a creature at no cost. A second check costs your bonus action, a third costs your movement, and a 4th takes up the rest of your turn. You must specify which skill you are attempting to use to recall information. A character cannot check more than once using the same skill on the same sort of creature until you have taken a long rest.

    Casting Spells and Using Special Abilities
    Whenever you cast a spell or use a special ability (from your race, class, background, etc.), be sure to state what spell/ability it is and provide a brief overview of the mechanics. You can do this at the end of your post - spoiler tags or OOC indicators before detailing the crunch are preferred when possible.
    This prevents any misunderstandings about what you were trying to accomplish, allows me to know how your spell/ability works at a glance (like its save type, your DC, and any additional effects), and lets me know what to look up if I have any concerns or want to look into it more for whatever reason.
    If it is something you use frequently, I will likely pick up on it and will let you know after a while that you can stop.

    Rolling for Ability/Skill Checks
    For ability/skill checks, you should feel free to describe what it is you’re trying to do and either roll the most relevant ability/skill (or abilities/skills). If you need clarification for which abilities or skills to roll, feel free to ask. Alternatively, you can let me roll it for you behind the scenes (and off-site). If you choose to let me roll behind the scenes for you, I may decide to skip the roll and just tell you the outcome of your action in a way that I believe will make the game interesting/fun. You’ll never know whether I rolled or not, or what your result was if I did roll for you. Note that this does not apply to combat rolls, only to basic ability/skill checks, and usually only those outside of combat.

    PVP -
    No player versus player combat unless it is created by an in-game madness effect or something similar.
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    Custom Feat:

    Claw Fighter

    Prerequisite: Gnoll
    You have practiced putting your vicious claws and fangs to use in combat, learning techniques that grant you the following benefits:

    (1) As an attack, you may make an unarmed strike with your claws. You are considered proficient with your claws. This attack deals 1d6 (+Strength mod) slashing damage. You must have a hand free to make this attack. If both hands are free and you are not using a shield, and you are not using your bonus action to attempt to grapple your target with Tavern Brawler, you may incorporate them both into the attack and the damage becomes 2d6 (+Strength mod).

    (2) As an attack, you may make an unarmed strike as a bite. You are considered proficient with your bite. This bite deals 1d10 (+Strength mod) piercing damage.

    (3) Rampage. When you reduce a creature to 0 hit points with a melee attack on your turn, you can take a bonus action to move up to half your speed and make a either a bite attack or a single claw attack.

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