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Thread: Combat 1

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    Both zombies fail miserably to hit their targets, and Avery, Ander, and Caelrin are now up.

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    ((Just an FYI, any undead that I have not previously taken hostile actions towards has to make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw to attempt to attack me, due to a feature from my patron. It's a moot point b/c it missed, but like I said FYI.))

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    Avery strikes with his magic again, arm still thrust forward. After unleashing the icy ray he takes steps back from the creature, trying to put space in between him and them should he suddenly become a more interesting target. He glances to Tristan's body on the ground with slight alarm despite his time in the field before. It was never easy for him to see a companion down, even if they were not close friends.

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    The zombie Avery has been fighting is still up, despite his continuous attacks. It is, however, looking very poorly.

    Ander and Caelrin are up.

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    Taking advantage of the fact that he has been cowering behind Maramil as the ghoul ravaged Tristan, Ander summons his courage to aim his bow and launch another missle at the distracted creature as it slavers at its target, blood dripping from its jaws.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollStealth Check - (1d20+5) (9) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollShortbow - (1d20+5) (20) [25]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollSneak Attack Damage - (2d6) (6, 5) [11]

    OOC- I am still very new to these mechanics, so if I have made errors here, please let me know so I can rectify them.
    "I never have to try to kill the PCs. They do it to themselves. I just take care of the paperwork." Trevor Sandlin (D&D Adventurer's League Facebook Thread)

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    ((OOC--seems good to me!))

    ((Now I'll check the ghoul's passive perception, which is a ten, therefore Ander is unseen. So actually you should have taken advantage on the shot. Also, as long as a foe is 5 feet or less away from an ally, you may make a sneak attack WITHOUT advantage. Either way you hit and killed the ghoul, so we won't worry about it))

    The ghoul never even sees the arrow that kills him, but falls to the ground as the negative energy sustaining it drains away.

    Caelrin, that leaves you in this round. Tristan is still unconscious, there are two zombies, and you're all starting to realize that there is a growing line of wolves down the ridge to the east, staring in your direction.

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    Caelrin intones a steady chant, the melodic tone of it crackling with the touch of magic as he weaves his staff around himself. The engravings on the stout oaken rod flared green and began to shed flames that lashed out in tandem with his blows and washed over both zombies left standing.

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    The greenflame blade lashes out at Z1, and as its effects wash over Z2, the undead creature slumps to the ground.

    Maramil and Solario, you're up! If one of you manages to heal Tristan in some fashion, he'll be up as well. The only remaining enemies currently engaged right now are the wolf and the heavily damaged Z1.

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    Maramil is humming a jaunty tune as he moves the hex from the ghoul to the remaining zombie. With a flick of his wrist he sends another bolt of energy lancing out at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fandris View Post
    Maramil is humming a jaunty tune as he moves the hex from the ghoul to the remaining zombie. With a flick of his wrist he sends another bolt of energy lancing out at it.

    The only remaining zombie is looking like it's about to fall apart. If it weren't a mindless monster, it would have run away by now.

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