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Thread: Combat 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genericfuton View Post
    Upon waking Tristan will get up and assess the situation, as soon as he can he will cast frostbite on the nearest undead humanoid he can see.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollSaving Throw - (1d20) [19]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFrostbite Damage - (1d6) [2]

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    The ghoul does not seem affected by Tristan's attack.

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    The wolves continue their attack on the undead dog.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollWolf 1 Attack - (1d20+4) [8]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollWolf 1 Damage - (2d4+2) [7]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollWolf 2 Attack - (1d20+4) [24]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollWolf 2 Damage - (2d4+2) [4]

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    The undead dog seems to be having trouble holding together, but it lurches forward and attacks the heavily injured wolf
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollbite - (1d20+3) [19]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (2d4+3) [10]

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    The 1st wolf dies, and his packmate howls loudly.

    The two zombies lurch forward again, making it nearly to the camp.

    Ander, Avery, and Caelrin are up.

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    Tristan's face appears emotionless....oh wait...that is just the he moves back a bit towards where their elven scout is in order to make sure the undead must move through him to get to him. He also casts another frostbite at the nearest undead humanoid, hoping that this time they will not be able to resist.

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    (ah sorry, forgot that was a bonus action)

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollsaving throw - (d20) [4]

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    The nearest ghoul growls as what is left of his skin frosts over. He is now suffering from the effects of frostbite and a hex.

    Back to Ander, Avery, and Caelrin.

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    Ander looses an arrow at the nearest ghul (G1).

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollArrow Attack - (1d20+5) (12) [17]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (1d6) (1) [1]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarien View Post
    Ander looses an arrow at the nearest ghul (G1).

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollTristan - (1d20+3) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollMaramil - (1d20+4) [18]
    The nearest Ghoul to Ander is actually G2 (the one Maramil and Tristan have been attacking), just want to clarify which one you'd like to shoot at.

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