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Thread: Maramil and his Lady

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    ​"More interesting....I like the sound of that."

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    Maramil can sense the Lady's presence, and can sense her smile, mischievous and excited. "Do you like the new powers I've revealed to you, Maramil?"

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    Maramil holds his hands in front of his face, one of them fading from sight and the other multiplying and splitting into three full hands growing out of arm. "Interesting." He shakes his hands and they return to normal. He gestures at the ground in front of where he is sitting. A small shadowy shape with barely any defining features is crouched there. The figure continually shifts between different sizes and shapes. ​"Tell me more of this."

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    (Assuming I'm getting your intentions correctly)

    "Why that, my dear disciple, is a familiar. It's waiting for you to decide what form you'd like it to take.

    I know what you're going to pick, but then, I know you so much better than you know yourself."

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    ((You got it))

    Maramil leans forward and picks up the shadowy shape. He cries out as various claws, stingers, and teeth that seem to form and reform constantly attack his hands and arms. Eldritch energy arcs out from the wounds, striking the shape. A pair of red eyes forms in the middle of the shape, meeting Maramil's own eyes and locking into an intense stare with him.

    A barrage of sensory input floods Maramil's perception. A dark forest at night full of shadows and echos. A damp underground lair smelling of must and mold. A forest of kelp waving in the moonlit waters. Gales of air whipping by though the wide open sky. A perfect circle of mushrooms deep in a forest, glowing motes of light floating above them. The squishing and squelching mud of a fetid swamp. A swirling mass of darkness and chaos, echoing with unimaginable sounds. Roaring flames and slow moving lava flows, the smell of brimstone filling the air.

    The images stop and the last one comes into focus. Maramil steps forward with the mental version of himself and stands on a jutting rock, overlooking a small hollow where a diminutive red-skinnned humanoid is delightfully torturing what looks like a dwarf buried up to his head in the ground. With a thought Maramil causes a lasso made of green, eldritch energy to spring forth from his hand and loop itself around the neck of the devilish figure. The imp struggles against it bonds, but is pulled inexorably back towards Maramil. They find themselves back in the Lady's grove, the imp crouching warily at Maramil's feet, the shadowy figure having resolved into its shape.

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    "I believe it suits you, Maramil," the Lady says, her voice wry.

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    ​"An intriguing little beast. Tell me imp, what is your name?"

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    The little creature hisses an unpronounceable jumble of Infernal into Maramil's ear, and a light whiff of brimstone meets Maramil's nose as the creature draws close to his face.

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    Maramil frowns, "Well that would be too damn annoying to have to say all the time. While you serve me I shall call you......Tim."

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    Green light flares from the beast's mouth as it hisses, showing sharp little teeth. After a moment of indignation, however, it remembers its situation and sits back on its haunches, a look of resignation on its face. "I will answer to Tim, new master. And what should I call you?"

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