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Thread: OOC Chat

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    I didn't really think about it before to be honest, but Pavel should have a description of several people--a young half-elven boy (the warlock Maramil), the noble human sorcerer Avery, an elven scout named Solario, and a Fiannan human druid named Tristan (who isn't actually there). You were also provided the descriptions for Arden and Caelrin, whom you already ran into on the way here.

    And yes, the elves are coming from the same direction, but they've fanned out to either side, forming kind of a semi-circle. Pavel is between the semi-circle of elves and the village walls.

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    Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as I did, glad I didn't miss too much

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    Default OOC Chat

    Quote Originally Posted by Quintilium View Post
    How tight are the glyphs to each other? In other words will we have to run adjacent to the spirals pattern to get out?

    Or is there enough space between them to move through a straight-ish line?

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    Basically can we take the blue path or the green? or neither?
    Umi, it seems like you might have missed Quintilium's post amid all the holiday greetings 😊

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    Lousy holidays!!!

    There's currently space to run between the light spiraling out from each of the individual glyphs. In a few minutes, the village will be wall to wall sleepytime, assuming the spell lasts that long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uminaoshi View Post
    Clary's skull, previously split open, heals immediately, but the Elder continues sleeping. Mara now finds that she's on the edge of the lights, and they are continuing to get larger as they swirl out of the glyphs and into the air.

    Among the people who were assigned to travel with the last wagon are Sevian and Scoli, both of them chained up in the front of the wagon; Clary, her husband William, her daughter whose name no one has learned, and her grandson Harold. Clary's son-in-law is one of the guards (the one whose ribs were broken by the ogre roughly a million years ago, lol). Lauritz and his three allies are also with this wagon. But Lauritz is fighting the spell, staying barely awake. He looks back at the adventurers who are still there. "Help me get them on the wagon so we can get out here!"
    Is it possible for Mara to have reacted directly as Lauritz yelled for help? I mostly waited to know how the spell progressed and what the spiral looked like.

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    Oh absolutely--it's really hard to convey, but I'm trying to describe events unfolding over a matter of seconds without getting things out of order. Mara is welcome to have reacted immediately--just give me a wisdom saving throw as you enter the area affected by the spell to see if you can stay awake

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    Also guys, I spoke with pavlovslola last night, and they're not going to be able to play reliably for the next few months. We still have 4, so I won't begin immediately looking for a replacement or anything, but I know I'll miss Lola and I'll do my best to NPC Avery for the time being.

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    Sorry about my continued absence Christmas in new years was a bit overwhelming

    @Mara thank you for mentioning my missed question

    @Uni the holidays have been a distraction for us all it seems.

    Two more questions (I know I ask alot sorry)

    1) I know the necklace lets me cast Mage armor twice a day, what does the ring do again?

    2) would detect magic allow Siegfried to see if there are any hidden glyphs remaining?

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    Detect magic would definitely let you know more about the glyphs. I will have to dig through some notes to check on the ring, but I'll do it as quick as I can! The holidays have been whack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uminaoshi View Post

    Sieg discovers that the ring provides the ability to cast mage armor twice every day, and the necklace has two abilities--it can cast darkvision once per day, AND see invisibility once per day.
    Found it

    Alright then, Siegfried will cast Detect Magic, and seeing as we can't wait 10 minutes its not as a ritual

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