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Thread: Building a 5th edition D&D character, via Mythweavers *WIP*

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    Default Building a 5th edition D&D character, via Mythweavers *WIP*

    I've been helping a few people get started with their characters so I thought I'd post some of the stuff I've been writing on here as a basic guide to help those that are new to RPgs and character sheets, or just unfamiliar with 5th edition.

    Building your Character
    First things is first, you can't build your character if you don't know what you want to play!?! Take a look through the races, classes, and backgrounds and decide what sounds like the most fun to play. Before we write anything down, try to get an idea of who your character is, what they fight for, what their story is.

    When you've picked your race (and subrace if applicable, which should always be chosen if its available, as it adds to character's stats) Write down its racial abilities, languages, Land Speed, etc. Also write down your ability score increases, but don't put them to the ability yet, we'll get to that all at once.

    Abilities and Modifiers
    Most forums use a 27 point spread as detailed on page 13 of the PHB (Player's Handbook), but some use a system of rolls. By spending these points you increase your ability scores up from 8 until you have abilities that you desire. It's also good to check the class's quick build options; they'll tell you which abilities are most useful for that class. After those are adjusted to your liking, add in your race's (and sub-race's) ability bonuses. Using Mythweavers will give you the modifiers for these scores that you'll apply to other things like skills and attack bonuses.

    Your background is where your character's personality really starts to come through. You'll need to pick Personality, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws here. Many DMs will allow you to customize these features more than any other to help you really figure out who you character is, but it's always good to refer back to the ones featured in the book as guidelines. You gain two skill from your background that you gain proficiency in, be sure to mark them on your character sheet and add your proficiency bonus to those skills. The background gear package can be taken only if your using it also side the starting gear from your class, but its best to take trinkets and small personal items from the list either way.

    You also gain a Feature from your background that gives you a story based perk. A feature does not effect any of your stats, but it does help your character out by making somthing easier in game. For example, the Folk Hero can use his Feature; Rustic Hospitality to get a place to sleep or a meal for the night, maybe even hiding them from the law. Find a feature that really speaks to you about who your character is and talk to your DM about customizing it so that you have the most fun playing and role-playing them.

    Skills are more specific instances of using ability scores, things that you have to be well....skilled at. You will add your proficiency bonus to any skill you have proficiency in along with the modifier for the skill above it. (Being proficient in Insight would be 2 + your Wisdom Modifier)

    You'll gain proficiency in skills as determined by both your class and background.

    Equipment/ Weapons and Armor
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