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Thread: The Training Yard

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    Completely surprised that his punch did not affect her at all, Drake was not prepared for An'Drye's attack. He takes a heavy blow on the head that knocks him completely on his back.

    "I yield," he says as he stumbles back to his feet. "You certainly know how to fight, and can also take a punch better than some of the grand masters at the monastery."

    Giving her the standard bow of respect Drake says, "You are a very formidable opponent. I have gained a lot out of this sparring session, AND will expect a rematch to try to earn my pride back one day," he says with a wink and a laugh.

    (P.S. You wiped me out!)

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    (yah i could tell, did not expect a crit of all things right at the last blow, man i feel sorry for drake)

    An'Drye bows in a similar manner, having traveled enough to know all kinds of cultures "Of course, i shall never reject a friendly match against an honorable man such as yourself."
    I am not responsible for the consequences of any failed saving throws, including but not limited to petrification, poison, death magic, dragon breath, spells or vorpal sword-related decapitations.
    I will however, be responsible of causing a TPK if you keep insisting on blaming me for your bad luck.

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