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Thread: Episode 2: The Raiders' Camp

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    Fade silently shakes Grim's hand as he moves to stand by her. She then silently nods to Vala, having fully expected the fighter to stand by her. She then waits the reactions of the rest of the group.

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    Default Episode 2: The Raider's Camp

    The governor has already hinted to Fade that he's guessed at her race. He gives her a slight nod, and watches everyone else's reactions.
    Markguth initially drops his hand to where a sword should hang, realizes it isn't there, then seems to reconsider his initial reaction as Grim shares his thoughts.
    Nesim's eyes widen as Fade's head wrap comes off, and he pauses, completely still for a moment as he processes everything. Finally he can't hold it in anymore and questions about drow, the under dark, and Fade's order start bubbling out half-formed and interrupted again and again as he thinks of more to ask until the governor cuts him off by clearing his throat and discreetly shaking his head at the young man, who backs off.
    As she is in an alley no one else is currently able to see Fade, or else there might be a riot.

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    Mindartis doesn't move towards Fade but nods his head in acceptance of her.

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    There is a soft creak of the leather on Erevenn's glove as it tightens on their rapier. Erevenn's jaw is set and the elf's almond eyes dart from Fade, to Grim, and the others. "I have fought with you. I have struggled to see you live. We have battled these villains side by side. Tell me true as I believe you speak now: do you revere the Spider Queen and hold her in your heart? Are you pledged to the will of her priestesses?"

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    Fade locks eyes with the elf and speaks the words of her order straight from her heart and her own dogma, "I revere the Night Mother, for her desire is blood. I revere the Dawn Mother for it is in the growing light that her weapons are revealed. I revere the Day Mother for it is with her intelligence that I learn of my blade's future home; and I revere the Dusk Mother for it is through her stories that I learn of the past and it's value."

    Finishing her first recitation she bows her head she begins her second, "I believe that through the Spider Queen's will my enemies may be trapped, that through the Platinum Dragon's will my enemies will fight or die in honor, that through Oghma's mind all knowledge flows, that through Talos' mouth all storms follow, that in Auril's whispers the winter snow forms, and that through Kelemvor's scales my soul will pass before I reach my final resting place. In these, and all other gods there is both power and weakness, devout devotion to one is the sign of the blind and mindless, and devotion to all a sign of one who has no guidance. I serve, believe and revere those who I serve, and those whom serve me and my order."

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    Grim narrows his eyes a bit at the statement 'devout devotion to one is the sign of the blind and mindless, but then he decides that the moment is not apt for a religious debate.

    Bahamut does not only help his own followers, His benevolence knows no boundaries. Anyone who is just, good, and honorable shall be welcome in His care.

    Forgive her my Lord, for she knows not of what she speaks, he silently prays to Bahamut to beg forgiveness on behalf of Fade, that she is yet to see the true meaning of devout devotion to the Platinum Dragon.

    (OOC: While I see the meaning of that verse out-of-character, I'm a cleric in-character so...)

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    "Yes.. majestic dragons, all powerful spiders, angels & demons.. " Vala sais and deeply sighs..
    "I do not care with what faerie tale each of you grew up.. " Vala sais with exasparation
    "Each of these personas you were tought to believe have their own agenda! They only care for their "Grand Sceme", the "Greater Good" or the "Ultimate Power" ..
    in the end, they are nothing without the man who serves them. in the end, the only truth is that man."
    Vala sais with resolve
    "I could't care less of what you name your God.. i couldn't care less of what you do to revere said God.. when i go to sleep, the only thing that matters, is for me to know that
    the people that are next to me are worthy for me to trust my life upon.. people that have proven that they are not pawns, but have a moral code that surpases the will of a God.
    This elf that stands before you, put aside years of faith & tradition & set upon a quest to save mankind.. i do not care what she believes in.. for as long her motives are pure,
    my faith will be on her.. "
    Vala continues and helps Fade stand

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    Erevenn's face tightens further and tears well in their eyes. They bare their straight teeth in a grimace and slowly sucks in a ragged breath. Erevenn's eyes are wet and swimming as they back up against the wall and sink onto their launches, the beautiful blue cloak pooling around them.

    "Do what you will."comes the sodden reply from behind leather gloves.

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    Grim sensed that Erevenn had more of a problem with Drow than just racial bias. He nodded at Vala, then proceeded towards them, "I apologize if I caused this, but I sense that there is some painful history between you and the Drow. Do know that given the need, we would stand by your side just as we stood besides Fade. All we wish is for us to work together and not give in to racial stereotypes. I am sorry if that brought up bad memories."

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    Erevenn speaks in a soft croak so that only Grim hears, "Brother Grim, it's not racial it's spiritual. I gave an oath. I... not here, I can't talk now."

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