When those of you asleep in the keep's guest rooms awake and exit your room, you see a young man in monk's robes with prayer beads hung around his neck. His leg is clearly injured, as it is wrapped in bandages and he is leaning on a crutch, but he seems eager to see you. He hobbles up to you and introduces himself as Nesim Waladra, a monk of Berdusk (a town that's a short detour off the main road from Greenest to Scornubel, several days travel away). "I've been waiting to ask you a few questions about last night, but the castellan told me not to wake you and to bring you straight to him before I bother you." As soon as everyone is out of their rooms (and Mindartis has found his way back from his nature retreat, assuming that's what he does), he leads you to the castellan, though he seems on the verge of asking you something the whole way. If you ask him to go ahead and ask you, he refuses, saying he must do as the castellan says.

When you find Markguth, he is with the governor out in the town talking to some citizens about plans to build better defensive measures around the town. "It's good to see you're rested and doing well," Markguth says. "Governor Nighthill and I have been discussing the raid. We were not the only victims. We have been hearing reports of raids on isolated homesteads and farms, as well as small villages. We were the largest target that we know of yet, though." [This scenario should sound familiar to Erevenn... check your character hook.] The governor is watching Markguth and nodding along as Markguth continues, "This might not be the end of it all, but we should do what we can to see what exactly it is that isn't over, if we can't end it. There's not a lot we can do here - we've got our hands full." He indicates the burned buildings and wreckage all around. "But you... I've never met anyone quite like you lot. I'm confident that you can at least find some answers. That big army and their wagons left a pretty big trail that ought to be easy to follow. If you can follow it and find out where their camp is, how many raiders there are, who their leaders are, what's motivating these attacks, and where they plan to strike next, there's 250 gold pieces in it for each of you. If you can recover some of the valuables that they stole, we'd greatly appreciate that, too. If there's anything you need to help you with this, just name it and we'll do what we can to get it for you."

[OOC: I have emphasized the key points of your mission for your benefit. The bold/underline/italics do not represent any special way that Markguth spoke those words. I'll be doing that again in a bit with Nesim Waladra's quest.]