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    Welcome to The Tangled Web's rules page. In an effort to provide a friendly community for everyone, we have a few rules to follow, but our #1 most important rule is this - don't be a jerk.

    This rule is simple and easy to abide by. While you are free to disagree with folks around here, just don't be a jerk about it. If you're going to criticize a post, do it respectfully. It's really simple. If you have questions about it, feel free to PM a Staff Member for further clarification.

    We don't have a lot of rules that describe exactly how you should behave here, but we have a list of things you should definitely not do. Our entire rule list is as follows:

    The Site Rules
    Rule #1 - Don't be a jerk. That should be self-explanatory and pretty much cover everything, but if you still need more than that, it basically means no trolling, no bullying, no spamming, and no flaming. We want a kind, polite, clean, and supportive community, so typical internet comment section nonsense behavior will not be tolerated here.

    Rule #2 - Do not start new threads in the Recruiting Office unless you are posting to recruit players for a game that is ready to play and already has a GM.

    Rule #3 - Do not post in anyone's game forum unless you are a part of their game. If you wish to ask a GM to join his game after it has begun and there is no recruitment thread, politely Private Message him.

    Rule #4 - Do not post anything that you would be ashamed of if your mother were to see it. No pornographic material. We don't mind some casual swearing just like most media but don't overdo it, and try not to do it at all in the very public threads. Breaking this rule will earn you a 2-point infraction instead of just 1.

    Rule #5 - All Users must be age 13 or older. This is worth 4 points.

    Rule #6 - Do not create multiple accounts. This is worth 1 point for your oldest account and 4 points for all your newer accounts.

    Rule #7 - Don't cheat. Come on, guy. That's not cool. It defeats the purpose of the game and takes the fun away.

    Rule #8 - No unintelligible nonsense. Sadly, our English-speaking Users are, for some reason, sometimes bigger offenders here than those for whom English is a second language. Here's the deal - just try to make a post that makes sense and is readable. If you aren't perfect but you're putting in the effort, then that's fine. But if you regularly submit posts that have no spaces, no punctuation, misspelled words, text message shorthand, and other nuisances like that on a site built around typing stories to each other, then you might find yourself asked to either improve your performance or find somewhere else to get your online roleplaying fix. Posts that look like a text message that was written in five seconds are not allowed. We're a forum. Writing is kind of a big deal here. No posts allowed that a first grade teacher wouldn't accept.

    Rule #9 - No advertising. Don't come here just to post about your sports news website or whatever and try to use out community as a recruiting grounds or a pool to come scoop clicks/views from. That is not appreciated and it is not allowed.

    Aside from receiving an infraction, in many cases you may find that your post is also deleted.

    Unless otherwise noted, infractions are worth 1 point each. A point stays with you for 90 days and then goes away if you've managed to be on your best behavior for that long. If you accumulate 3 points, you'll be automatically Banned for a week. When your week-long ban ends, you'll still have your 3 points but you'll be allowed to return to the site. If you accumulate 4 points, however, you'll be automatically Banned forever.

    More rules may be added to this list if necessary, but these are all that are required right now and are the most important. Please do your best not to require us to have to add to the list.

    If you're new and you can't access the PM function, try making a few posts around the site. The Library is a great place for this. This is just a security measure implemented to thwart the dastardly PM spammers.

    TTW uses a Reputation feature. If you come across a person that has posted something you like, you can click on the little starburst icon at the bottom of the post box and add to their Reputation. As a member’s Reputation grows, a green bar will begin to fill up under their Username and Title. It's a nice way to show that you appreciate someone's time and effort. If your current Reputation Power is 0, any Rep you give to someone will not add to their total. However, after you've received Positive Reputation a few times, your Power will begin to grow, and your Positive Reputation will begin to actually add to other Users' Reputation scores. The quickest way to increase your Reputation Power is by receiving Positive Reputation. And what's the best way to receive Positive Reputation? Leaving some for others first. Reputation is one good way to know if a player or GM on this site is established and trustworthy, since Join Date is not always an accurate indicator of this.
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