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Thread: At the Broken Daylight

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    "As a matter of fact, I know absolutely nothing about this situation," Owen says cheerfully, glancing up from the mirror at An'Drye. "I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to do this in front of you... but if that's the case, she shouldn't have dropped the mirror in between us. Now, let us see if we can find out what's going on."
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    Default At the Broken Daylight

    Drake, seeing this suspicious activity, starts to make his way toward the cellar and this strange figure.

    "Well this could be interesting," he mutters to himself as he was heading cautiously over.

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    As Owen was explaining about how he couldn't really explain what was going on, Elijah (leader of the Laughing Dwarf Troupe) and Alyssa were onstage, Drake noticed that again the little figure showed itself from the cellar... But this time he noticed it casting a spell... He had just enough time to stand and begin shouting a warning when magical darkness blanketed the room.

    The room was thrown into chaos. Screams muffled the sounds of blades being drawn. Bodies were frantically running about, shouts from brave adventurers called out the assailants... But no sound of battle began. A few bodies hit the ground, and glass shattered throughout the room.

    Owen and An'Drye heard a shout from the half-mirror, "IN CASE YOU WERE GUESSING, THIS IS IT!" and then Owen sensed the magic from the mirror stop, the communication halted

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    "Oh my!" Owen leaps out of his chair and reaches for his crossbow... but he can't shoot it now, not in this dark. He might hit an innocent bystander. Instead, he raises his hands and shoots a Flare of light towards the ceiling, hoping to illuminate the room long enough to get an idea of what's happening.

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    The flare gave a tiny peak through the magical darkness, showing several short figures moving quickly towards the stairs and several taller figures following behind them... three of them are carrying... something...

    But the flare gives only the barest glimpse before the room is plunged into darkness

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    "They're going upstairs!" Owen tells An'Drye. He attempts to follow the figures up the stairs, punctuating the sounds of screaming and weapon-drawing with cries of "Oops!" and "So sorry!" and "I really didn't mean to bump into you, I hope you'll forgive me."
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    An'Drye reacts quickly after the moment of light, trying to get to the stairs using what she remembered of the layout of the area as a guideline she swiftly got there hoping she hadn't ran over anyone in the way. (do i need to make a roll?)
    I am not responsible for the consequences of any failed saving throws, including but not limited to petrification, poison, death magic, dragon breath, spells or vorpal sword-related decapitations.
    I will however, be responsible of causing a TPK if you keep insisting on blaming me for your bad luck.

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    ((Note: I was not giving quite enough information. The stairs are to the cellar, rather than to the rooms. That is my bad. I'm starting the Daily Post ruling now FYI. I will post as often as I can (assuming everyone has posted) and will try and post daily. There is leeway, as no one is perfect, but lets try and keep it quick))

    Drake and An'Drye rushed towards the Cellar door, as they were approaching it someone from behind them began a quick spell and light raced through the room. The caster was shown to be the barkeep of all people.

    By this time the assailants were gone, and people were picking themselves up off the floor, and looking around in confusion. The members of the Laughing Dwarf Troupe all piled out on stage and looked to be trying to speak, but there was some kind of magical silence over the area of the stage.

    As people looked around there seemed to be three people who had disappeared: Basil, Elijah, and the Artificer to whom Dartok was speaking.

    Drake and An'Drye reached the cellar door and tried it, but the door was locked hard, a quick look revealed that the door's wood had been warped, preventing it from being opened.

    (Now, lets begin)

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    (Did Owen make it to the cellar, or was the poor little man trampled in the crowd?)

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    (I missed the part about you trying to get there yourself. This is not being done in explicit rounds, so you probably just get there right behind An'Drye and Drake.)

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