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Thread: At the Broken Daylight

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    As Drake helped unload the supplies from the Laughing Dwarf's wagons he thought to himself, finally a chance to really prove myself. Everything has gone almost perfect on this mission with almost no real trouble at all.

    The Laughing Dwarf Troupe had been a pleasure to work for and travel with over the past few weeks and Drake felt like he was doing Ilmater and his father proud. He had never enjoyed traveling with such a lively folk that was very different from the monks and clerics at the temple of Ilmater in the land of Emutionem.

    After unloading all of the essential supplies for the group, Drake decided it was time to get inside The Broken Daylight and get to work keeping the Laughing Dwarves safe from any unruly patrons.

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    Once the show started, An'Drye payed close attention to it, interested in the story as well as the actors, she had grown used to tell apart those who had exceptional talent of some kind and her day had just become really interesting as two more had just entered the tavern. "Arara, to meet three exceptional individuals in such a short amount of time, are you perhaps trying to tell me something mother Ehlona?" she whispered this to no one in particular muffled by the grand show in front of her as she watched on with an amused look on her face, as expected, there was no answer.
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    At that point, the door swung open and a half-giant walked in. He was dressed in the clothes of a smith but the weaponry on his waist and back, and the chainmail showing underneath the clothes showed him to be more than a simple smith. Walking over to the bar, the "smith" started ordered a drink and began asking the locals if knew about anyone in the area who had experience with magical items.

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    As Drake walked into the Broken Daylight the play was just getting under way. He made sure to find a good spot in the back of the tavern so that he would have a good view of the crowd.

    I'm going to have to work hard to pay attention to my charges, Drake thought to himself. With all of the activities going on in front of him, he was going to have make sure to keep a wary eye on the crowd just in case.

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    Overall the show lived up to the rumors, they had the crowd roaring with laughter at times, but at others so silent you could hear a pin drop. At this point the show at at its climax and everyone watched with baited breath.

    Away from the performance, but in earshot the half-giant worked his way around, trying not to make too much of a show of himself, but eventually being pointed to a man at the bar who was tinkering with a small cube and two different mugs of alcohol, as Dartok approached him the man turned to him and in a high voice said, "So, You are the artificer who's been looking for me... Why?"

    Drake kept a vigilant watch over the room, ready to defend his charges should something occur... but he noticed somethings amiss...

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    "I was hoping that I might learn some things from you. I'm learning the skills of the artificer, and have been seeking out those of reputation in the hope that they would help me. While I don't have much money, I'm willing to work for your teachings." Dartok said, his eyes scanning the room for those who might cause him trouble, a problem that his race often bought him in the "civilized" parts of the world.

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    Alyssa continues with the show, focused on playing her part to as bear perfection as she could. Thankfully she also had magic to aid her with special effects every now and then. However being so focused on her acting and being back in the comfort of the troupe made her fairly unaware of dangers in the crowd.

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    "The art of artifice is no simple road... It is painstaking, and takes time... An artist complains because his work is rushed... the artist complains that the artificer takes too long. Do you understand my meaning? True works take time." He dropped his cube into one of the mugs, and the drink within was sucked up like water to a sponge. He then pulled it out and put it into the other mug and took a swig, "Ah... Well. If you want my tutelage, you'll be working for it," as he spoke there was no friendship in his gaze, but a great indifference, not so much as interest in Dartok... One has to wonder how often people make such requests.

    As the show continued a robed woman passed by An'Drye and Owen. She dropped a semi-circle mirror on the table with a note... and was gone out the door before anyone could stop her

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    "Oh. I suppose it wasn't a prank, then," Owen says quietly, trying not to interrupt the show. He holds the mirror close to his face and whispers, "Oskimoshi. Wait, no. Oggytoggy. Oskilohou? Oh! Right! Ostemehi."

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    Curious about the strange note An'Drye merely listens to what Owen is trying to do, taking this time to also look at her surroundings as she was too focused early on.
    "I'll take it you have more knowledge about this than i do, care to explain?" merely trying to understand the sudden situation.

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