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    Let the good times roll!
    by Published on 07-21-2010 02:30 AM
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    Why do we play this accursed game that carries such a harsh social stigma? Why do we play a version of pretend for grown-ups?

    For me, it's the freedom. Sure, I enjoy a good game of chess. Checkers has its moments too. Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, these are all great games for a group.

    However, a pen and paper style roleplaying game is different. My playing piece or pieces are not confined to a simple board. I'm not limited to a narrow set of rules that govern play. I have an entire world to manipulate. Of course, there are boundaries... the Gamemaster sets these. The Gamemaster, however, isn't so limited as a software RPG. Oh no. A Gamemaster provides a much richer experience ...
    by Published on 04-19-2010 01:27 AM  Number of Views: 3031 

    While out scouring the web for my daily dose of Virtual Role Playing news, I was delighted to come across a Virtual Gaming Table that I had never seen before. The name of the tool is Gametable and its perfect for beginners to the realm of pen and paper style gaming online. I'd even recommend Gametable to die hard fans of OpenRPG or MapTool. Now, don't let appearances fool ya. Though their website is pretty old fashioned looking, the Gametable Homepage conceals a great treasure just below the surface.

    First order of business... the download. It's less than 2MB, I kid you not. It took me longer to type that last sentence than it did for me to download the file. The file you will receive is a .zip file and you'll need a program that can handle the .zip extension in order to unpack it. Gametable will extract into a tidy little directory that you can drag and drop wherever you wish. Before you launch the client, you'll also need to have Java installed on your machine. Most of you probably have Java already, if not, google it and get it. Have ya done that yet? Good. So far, it's just been a simple download and extraction. If you're still with us, you're well on your way to gaming. ...
    by Published on 03-26-2010 02:00 AM

    This is a sample token that is in the top down style.  This style was pioneered for online virtual game tables by Devin Night of Four Ugly Monsters.Four Ugly Monsters was a website that catered to players who used pay to play Virtual Game Tables like Fantasy Grounds and Battlegrounds. The good folks at Four Ugly Monsters created a ton of material and they used to sell their token packs for around $5 each or somewhere thereabouts.

    Well, it's sad to say that Four Ugly Monsters has recently decided to close their website.

    However, there is a silver lining for us in that they have put up all their previous pay to use material for free download.

    Let me tell you something... I always wanted to use these miniatures for gaming, but I was always too cheap to purchase them.

    These miniatures are the best that are available.

    Most of them were created by a fellow by the name of Devin Night.

    May he live on as the King of the Top Down Token Style!

    Update: Devin Night has started a new site of his own and you can find it, along with more of his work, at the following URL.

    Devin Night's New site for Tokens to be used with MapTool, OpenRPG, and other Virtual Table Tops
    In order to use the following images in the gallery below, you can right click each image and choose either to Save the Image or Copy the URL for pasting into a Virtual GameTable.

    Characters 1
    Characters 2
    Basic Undead
    Goblins, Kobolds, and Worgs
    Orcs and Goblins
    Orcs, Trolls, and Ogres
    Dark Lair

    OpenRPG is the first Virtual Game Table I ever played on. It's a great piece of software despite some bugs that plagued older versions.

    OpenRPG is Open Source software and it has all the features necessary to bring the excitement of pen and paper style role playing to the comfort of your computer. It allows a group of friends to get together in their own enhanced chatroom environment. The chatroom allows the Game Master and players to display maps, roll dice, and store character information all in real time.

    The following image shows OpenRPG in action:

    A screenshot showing OpenRPG in action. Click on the image to see a larger version.

    Development on the original OpenRPG branch has its ups and downs. It's currently fairly low right now. However, a long time member of Tangled Web by the name of adamx20 (aka SirEbral) has recently taken OpenRPG and created a new branch. He is calling it Traipse and you'll find that adamx20 is a very active and talented developer. You can follow his blog about the Traipse branch of OpenRPG right here on The Tangled Web.

    Now that you know a little more about OpenRPG and Traipse, you can go and decide which version is right for you by following the links below.

    Download Original OpenRPG

    Download the Traipse version of OpenRPG

    After you do that, return to The Tangled Web's Recruiting Office and find yourself a game to join.

    Let the good times roll!
    by Published on 03-17-2010 04:02 PM

    For those that have logged in, click here to go directly to the Character Sheet Profiler.

    For those that are still reading...

    The Tangled Web hosts character sheets for all members on it's RPG Web Profiler system that is integrated with the vBulletin forum software. It's fairly simple to use. After registering with the site, you go to the Profiler and choose which game system you need to create a template for from one of the available options.

    We currently have sheets available for the following roleplaying games.

    4ed Dungeons and Dragons Sheets
    3.5 Dungeons and Dragons Sheets
    3ed Dungeons and Dragons Sheets
    d20 Star Wars Sheets
    d20 Modern Sheets
    Serenity Sheets

    A fellow is currently working on a Pathfinder sheet for us as well... we'll update this list as soon as he's completed it.

    So, now that you're 'in the know' about character sheets and The Tangled Web, go ahead and head to the Recruiting Office and find yourself a game.

    This is the Maptool logo.  It looks like a white gear with a green filled center.  A black silhouette of an astrolabe rests in the middle.Maptool is considered to be the jewel in the software crown for the developers over at rptools.net. Maptool is a free program that allows folks to get together and play their favorite online pen and paper role playing games over the internet. Maptool is one of the top two free Virtual Game Tables out there and it's best suited for Game Masters that want a really good visual presentation.

    Maptool offers features that go above and the call of duty when it comes to simulating a traditional face to face tabletop game.

    Some of the features Maptool offers are:

    • Real Time Chat
    • Roll Dice in chat
    • Create Detailed Combat Maps
    • Fog of War
    • Play any System or Setting
    • Hex and Square Grids
    • Distance Calculation
    • Store Complicated Die Rolls

    There is a lot of power in this little package. To see it in action, please have a look at the video below.

    Be sure to see all the tools in the RPtools.net toolbox.

    Maptool | Token Tool | Character Tool | Dice Tool | Initiative Tool
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