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Rules and Staff of the Tangled Web

Welcome to The Tangled Web's rules page. In an effort to provide a friendly community for everyone, we have a few rules to follow, but our #1 most important rule is this - Don't be a jerk!

This rule is simple and easy to abide by. While you are free to disagree with folks around here, don't be a jerk about it. If you're going to criticize a post, do it respectfully. It's really simple. If you have questions about it, feel free to PM a Staff Member for further clarification.

Our entire rule list is as follows:
  • 1. Don't be a jerk.
  • 2. Don't start new threads in the Recruiting Office unless you are a GM posting about a new game.
  • 3. Do not post in anyone's game forum unless you are a part of the game. If you wish to ask a GM to join his game, PM him.
  • 4. Don't post anything you would be ashamed of were your mother to see it. No pornographic material and no cursing or lude language in public threads.
  • 5. Do not post, anywhere on this site, a recruitment ad for something being run on another website. Games being run on Virtual Table Tops such as Roll20 and the like are fine as long as a forum for the game will be kept and maintained here at TTW.
  • 6. Do not post, anywhere on this site, 'Player Looking for Game' ads except in the special Players Looking for Games forum.
  • 7. Do not create multiple accounts.
  • 8. No trolling, no bullying, no spamming, & no flaming. This is basically Rule 1 again.
  • 9. No cheating. A lot of electronic measures are in place already, and all Staff Members can spot your attempts to cheat from a mile away.
  • 10. And one more time, just for good measure, don't be a jerk!

More rules may be added to this list if necessary, but these are all that are required right now and are the most important. If a new rule is added to the list, an announcement will go out in the Town Crier. Please do your best not to require us to have to do this.

If you can't access the PM function, try making a few posts around the site. The PM function will unlock after you do so. This is a security measure implemented to foil the dastardly PM spammers.

TTW uses a Reputation feature. If you come across a person that has posted something you like, you can click on the little starburst icon at the bottom of the post box and add to their Reputation. As a memberís Reputation grows, a green bar will begin to fill up under their Username and Title. It's a nice way to show that you appreciate someone's time and effort. If your current Reputation Power is 0, any Rep you give to someone will not add to their total. However, after you've received Positive Reputation a few times, your Power will begin to grow, and your Positive Reputation will begin to actually add to other Users' Reputation scores. The quickest way to increase your Reputation Power is by receiving Positive Reputation. And what's the best way to receive Positive Reputation? Leaving some for others first.

Oh, we have absolutely zero tolerance for cheaters here at TTW. There are many electronic measures already in place to prevent cheating, but the Staff Members are also experts at spotting attempts to cheat. Trust us. We've been doing this longer than you think, and any idea you think you have to game the system has already been tried and has already failed.

Cheating carries additional repercussions with it. Besides the administrative action that will be taken against you for breaking any of the rules above, you'll be called out publicly in the thread and asked to explain yourself. If/When you can't adequately explain (read: fail to lie well enough), your Reputation will be instantly reduced to -1 (or -11 if you're already at 0 or below), and your Title will be changed to "Cheating Spider" for all to see. If, at the very least, you admit attempting to cheat right when you are asked about it, you'll be spared the embarrassing title change and your Reputation will only be reduced to 0, putting you in the gray area but not the red.

Think twice before you cheat. It can possibly damage your Reputation beyond repair here.

If you have any issues or questions you can always contact any Staff Member for assistance.

Our current staff consists of the following people:
Ao (on extended hiatus so don't bother him)
Darren (somewhat AWOL)
Blackfox424 (currently on hiatus)

If you have any issues or questions you can contact any of us for assistance.

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