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Plothook: A Haven for Role Players

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I am running a new Game on a new Site. The Game is SuperHeros in Character and it is doing very well. We are 12 Days into the Game and there are 800 Game Turns.

But what I want to talk about is Plothook itself. For people are are serious about their Role Playing it is very much worth checkng out. The key thing about the way PH works is that each Character has it's own Account. Most people have a central main Account and then attach Character Accounts to that. You can switch between your Characters with a quick pull-down menu.

If you have never tried something like this you might not realize the power it has. There is just a HUGE difference between PH's approach and the normal. In MetaWars! I have people frequently post Avatars of their Character in their Turns. This does a pretty good job of bringing the Character to life. But at PH when you look up at all the Forum stuff that wraps around a Turn the Illusion remains solid. Seeing 'Superman' as the name just really adds something extra.

I estimate that Plothook is perhaps half the size of Tangled Web. They do not have nearly as many people who just show up to use their Profiler but they do all have multiple Characters. There are about 1,000 Actives on both places but in PH's case that translates into far fewer people. It is a talented group though so it does not feel like a little place at all.

Another aspect of Plothook that I appreciate is the effort put into supporing the GM/DMs of the place. If you wish to run a Game you will get one of those two labels attached to your main User Id. So I am GM Alexander Tau there. Along with that comes special Forums and other small perks. But also along with that come some expectations.

Let me be blunt. As a GM to start and abandon a Game without proper notice gets you into trouble. I think this is how it should be and if that makes me a jerk so be it. The Staff there pay attention and if you are going to be a GM/DM then you have to act like a reasonably responsible adult. The upside of this is there is not a constant stream of abandoned games. Of course it still happens but at least there is a serious effort to reduce the number of bad Game Masters operating on the Site.

In some respects Plothook is a mirror image of Tangled Web. They are first a Play by Post place but they also support VTs, Chat and all the other types. TW is of course a VT Site and it is what the majority of people here play. Since I have been around PbP has grown and taken a more visible position but that does not change the balance of the Site. So in a way the two places compliment each other almost perfectly.

SuperHeros in Character

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  1. Alexander Tau's Avatar
    Kinda want to add something. The Staff here do a fine job at enforcing the Rules. They are like cyberNinjas when it comes to zapping the evil Spammers. Darren and Ao have always kept the place mechanically sound. Sure there were some problems with the update but everything that needed to be done got done. I have seen a lot worse.
  2. Ao's Avatar
    I like the idea of there being repercussions for dropped games. Does this apply to players that no call no show as well?
  3. Alexander Tau's Avatar
    Not that I am aware of but I am still new. That would of course take a bit more effort.