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Vault of Inspiration Past: Abandoned Concepts for Games (Incomplete)

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I'm somewhat (in)famous for producing game pitches that I will never run. Here are a few that I think might be able to see new life. Open to expansion, obviously.

Quote Originally Posted by Eyes to the Stars
Millenia ago, mortal heroes overthrew the gods and set about making themselves the masters of the universe through the use of terrible magic and mighty powers. In their wake they left countless corpses and scores of worlds crushed in their pursuit of glory and strength. When at last they had even destroyed themselves and there was nothing left, a secret power reached out from beyond and restored all the worlds, though without magic or knowledge of the terrible past.

Around one of the old worlds from which the heroes had originally come circled a new moon to replace the old one they had destroyed. Carved with secretive text, the moon became a mystery of the people for millennia until it was finally translated: It was a warning from the power that had re-created all things. In response, the people felt a great humility and created an order known as the Penitent. These monks renounced the luxuries of life and visited the moon in pilgrimage to contemplate the nature of their desires and their meaning in the world. After one thousand years of regular pilgrimages, the moon suddenly erupted in power and revealed a hidden secret.

Across the galaxy, portals connecting distant areas formed in and around major landmarks, as well as on lifeless or unexplored worlds. In addition, the Penitent were given limited mystic powers, which they could use to lift objects, influence others, and control where a portal would lead and who could enter or leave it. Entrusted with these gifts in the hopes that the universe could once again know magic, the Penitent spread throughout the galaxy and taught those who could learn.

Many civilizations on the brink of failing due to lack of expansion space have found new life and new worlds through the portals. One individual among them, you seek your new home on the endless frontier. With emerging races like the Dworks, new cults such as the Argosian Knights, and the new mixture of mysticism and superscience, there is no end to what you might accomplish.
Quote Originally Posted by Can't Hide From Your Past
You find yourself memoryless and seated in a chair opposite a television host, who helpfully informs you that he is Satan... that's his title, as 'Satan' means 'enemy', often with a legalistic undertone. If it makes you more comfortable, you can call him The Prosecutor. He also helpfully points out that in lieu of eternal torment, you have signed up for a game meant to entertain the denizens of the afterlife.

What's the name of the game? Being chased around and escaping execution at the hands of someone all of you have wronged greatly in the past, known as the Plaintiff. Empowered by supernatural means, they have become a denizen of the afterlife, a revenant out to torture you for your sins. Each member of your group has perpetuated a different wrong against the revenant, and you are all held in the Plaintiff's personalized realm, which they have created to challenge and punish you.

In order to escape the grip of a Plaintiff's realm, you must each collect clues that reveal the sins each of you perpetrated, thus restoring your memories with regards to the Plaintiff. You must be tormented without knowledge of what you have done to deserve it because you perpetuated wrongs on the Plaintiff without them knowing your motivation. The reason why you have to cooperate is simple: Every member of the party will receive a different person's memory clues, without any clarification as to whose they are until the whole memory is complete. Each memory also contains part of the skills and abilities the owner held in life, manifested into physical form: As you regain more memories, you will become stronger- and memories can be traded between captives to allow different ability combinations.

Eventually, your group will have either vanished into the darkness, picked off one by one by Plaintiffs, or come to the truth as to why they share a common thread with regards to whom they hurt. When at last you have obtained the memories of and repented of your sins, The Prosecutor promises you may find a more comfortable eternal rest.
Quote Originally Posted by Earthdusk
Humanity has cast itself into the darkness through the horrors of war after one too many ideological wars sets off a chain reaction that cannot be stopped. Those that anticipated this and had the resources to prepare enter specially prepared facilities meant to wait out the long-term effects of the destructive battle, but most have not been so lucky. In the shadows caused by nuclear winter, dark monsters known only to the legends long since past have awakened.

Monstrous tyrants ranging from Chinese Jiangshi and Zairian Eloko to Transylvanian vampires have overpowered the desperate survivors that were not able to reach fallout shelters in time. Bigfoot creatures have emerged and taken hold of what was once North America, yokai torment the islands of Japan, elves have returned from hiding in Europe, and dragons have slithered out of every corner of the Earth. Knowing that some humans are kept safe and healthy instead of starved and radiation-soaked, the monsters do whatever they can with the information they have left to track down and open shelters so that they can exploit the resources and humans inside.

Those humans unfortunate enough to both survive the initial bombing but not reach safety in time hold a great grudge against the sheltered humans as well. Accusing them of being descendants of the elites that caused the war while also dodging the harmful effects, they have no love for their relatively pampered brethren and will crack open vaults as well to conquer them. All social norms surrounding laws of war or human rights have vanished, making those born in darkness almost as bad as the overlords that torment them.

Cannibalism is common, and love is all but extinct. But bleak as it may seem, this strange new world has proven that what is nearly extinct may once again thrive. As one of the shelter-dwellers that is able to enter the dark on your own terms, you and those like you have one goal: Restore the light that drives away the monsters and return Earth to its true state. Hope comes from those on a mountain who claim that they have constructed a city of light where humans can live in peace... but the dark must still be shattered before it devours that flame as well.
Quote Originally Posted by Frontier Sunsets
Your idyllic life in a frontier town known for lumber and quiet is shaken up when visiting nobility from the eastern seaboard arrives on a tour. Most of the people present to see the minor family arrive have never even seen an automobile, as well as some of the other trinkets the rich folks bring along with them. With a couple of rich tourists, the small city of Birchwood decides that there's no better time for a holiday. Everyone turns out for some games, fun, and the ability to admire the nobles (or bother them with questions).

What starts out as a celebration of the modest town's relevance to city slickers turns into a national-scale excitement when civil war is announced to break out. The hosted noble family carries minor kingmaker status, but just based on the first echoes of the revolt, some of Birchwood's people decide now might be the time to rid the nation of nobility altogether. Somewhere in between the call of the wild and the opera of a dawning new era, you and your fellows will have to decide what you stand for and what you're willing to do to protect it.

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