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Heroes of Eattwe, Ep.4 ~ A Happy Outcome

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Out of their dreamless sleep, the eyes opened to murky light. Some fifteen-twenty yards in front of them, the four found themselves witnessing an astounding scene: Two towering, colossal figures, one dark, one bright, shrouded in mists, were struggling to overcome each other. A demon and an angel they seemed, and their clash, which made the whole place shake, felt like a breaking apart of the world´s fabric.

This was no dream. The shock waves from that great conflict quickly made the four friends aware of their mental bodies. They had on clothes, armor, and weapons which seemed real, reproductions of their physical items. And they had similar freedom to act. But what could they do?
...¨We´re no match for these giants!¨ Glan snorted in frustration. ¨The woman, the child... Where are they? We should just rescue them and get out of here, fast!¨ realized Tia, worried about their safety.
Fortunately, so far, neither of the ¨giants¨ seemed to have noticed their presence. But the impending danger called for alertness. They were on open ground, with only the thin fog to hide them. Or was it only for their eyes?

...¨No, it isn´t!¨ decided Aubey, and her friends heard her in their heads. The shock waves were not only disturbing the fog in their crossing, but were also giving it a distinct direction. It swirled and gathered into barely perceptible rolls of clouds before dissipating into the uniform, directionless mass. It was Aubey´s first time on the Spirit Plane and her avid intellect was naturally drawn to the phenomenon, although she did not also see a use for it. [OOC: Passive perception applied.]
Of them, only Chatai had crossed before, but right then, as she stood enchanted with religious awe, she could not have helped the team with any memories: ¨An angel...¨

...¨Are you girls hearing this?¨ risked Tia, thinking as loud as possible, but only Aubey turned her head; and, by the look on her face, unsure why. Since that didn´t work, Tia stepped in front of them and tried to explain through gestures:
-> ¨Woman... child... look for... there...¨ she pointed in the direction of the struggling two. ¨We... go around... around... okay?¨ she gestured towards the dark one´s back.
Then, certain that at least she had gained their attention, Tia tapped Glan on her shoulder, then signaled her to go first. Aubey and Chatai, who seemed in danger of falling into dreams, were next, and Tia remained last to keep them moving.

...¨Lathander...¨ Chatai repeated in her mind, her heart being lit up with feelings of gratitude and devotion. She kept looking at the bright, angel-like being, nourishing the belief that it was sent by her god to help them.
...¨Fog... pockets?!¨ Aubey just made another interesting discovery and, forgetting caution, she quickened her step to get there sooner. As they advanced, it turned out that the fog wasn´t homogeneous. Glan had just entered a thick patch of it. ¨Where did she go?! What... Aubey!?¨ Tia almost exclaimed.

Right then, as the dark one tried a surprise side attack, it caught a glimpse of Aubey´s silhouette. In an instant, through her mind, it knew about the whole team´s presence and intentions. One step in their direction, another...
- ¨Watch out...¨ Chatai too slowly awakened to the immediate danger. ¨No!!¨ she cried, seeing that the dark one stepped on Aubey.
And maybe the cry brought out from her heart that power, or it was the angel-like´s doing, but then the pendant at her chest began to glow strongly. And, along Tia´s arrows, a ray shot towards the dark one´s chest.
The ray staggered it, for a moment, enough for the angel-like to deal a decisive blow. Defeated, the dark one fell, making the ground shake terribly on impact.

Hearing Chatai, but unable to see anything, in a mixture of anger and despair, Glan, yelling, almost ran into a pillar. The great tremor caused by the fall had just made the thick fog gathered around two pillars rise. The woman and the child were tied to them.
Instinctively, Glan thrust her greataxe into the chains, but stopped astonished before striking a second time. The bright one, having left the job of finishing its opponent in the team´s care, had bowed over the two victims.
It reached inside them, took something out, and flew away.
The woman and the child opened their eyes, then. They looked scared and disoriented.
- ¨Are you all right?!¨

Meanwhile, Chatai had rushed to help Aubey. After having pulled her at some distance from the writhing monster, she cast her Lesser Restoration spell. Now she was holding her friend, kneeled beside the unconscious body, and prayed for her recovery.
The dark one, agonizing, was blindly seeking to grab that annoying human who kept shooting arrows in its face. Tia, having just emptied her quiver, now risked getting closer. She had to distract the spirit from her friends, until Aubey awakened.
- ¨Tell her it´s all in her mind!¨ she yelled. That was enough for the evil spirit to find her.

Her two daggers, readied for throwing, were not enough to loosen the dark one´s grip. Tia would surely have met her end there, were it not for the intervention of Aubey, who had just recovered her senses. She summoned all her strength to cast Gust of Wind, then fell exhausted back in Chatai´s arms. The surprise of feeling that sudden chill, gave nimble Tia the chance to slide out of the spirit´s hand and run away.
Fortunately, the dark one´s movements soon showed a rapid decrease in vitality. They were safe, for the moment.

Just as Tia reached Aubey and Chatai, they could see Glan coming out of a veil of fog. She carried the child on her shoulders. The woman was leaning on her arm.
- ¨What happened?¨
- ¨It´s dying, I think. The angel hit it hard.¨
- ¨Well, let´s kill it, then!¨ Glan said, putting the child down.
- ¨I don´t think we can harm it...¨ replied Tia. ¨We should just get out of here... Where did you find them?¨
- ¨Tied to two posts, over there. But the oddest thing happened... The angel took something from... inside them and then flew away...¨
- ¨It did?¨ wondered Chatai. ¨Why... why would it do that?¨
- ¨Well, there´s plenty of time for such questions later¨, interrupted her Tia. ¨Aubey, are you okay?¨
- ¨Yes... yes, I´m okay. Just somewhat jolted, that´s all... I heard what Glan said... The posts... We should burn them...¨
- ¨...To cut the spirit´s link to the family¨, Tia continued her idea. ¨But we have no means now, unless...¨
- ¨No, I don´t have a fire spell ready...¨
- ¨...Well then, all that remains is to burn the house¨, concluded Tia, seeking the woman´s eyes. ¨It´s okay. You´ll be taken care of.¨
- ¨What? You think it can recover?!¨ Glan exclaimed, looking at the now barely twitching spirit. ¨Come on, then! Let´s all attack it and get this over with!¨ she said, and started moving towards the huge lying body.
- ¨No, Glan, please!¨ tried to stop her Tia. ¨There may be enough life left in it to hurt us!¨
- ¨Besides¨, Aubey added, ¨this is just its mental body. The spirit can return, it knows how...¨
- ¨Yes, listen to her, Glan¨, Tia continued. ¨We have the man´s family now. You saved them. We should just go back.¨- ¨Very well...¨ Glan turned around, and dully asked: ¨How do we do that, then?¨
- ¨Oh, we just need to picture the house and think ´Awake!´ hard¨, said Chatai. ¨Or better, say it loud, to help each other focus. And let us hold hands, in a circle, like the one made with the rope¨, she added, helping Aubey get up and holding her hand first. ¨Ready?¨
- ¨Awake!¨ ¨Awake!¨ ¨Awake...¨

The sound of their voices, slowly, became a more and more distant echo. Their bodies grew number and number and they found themselves passing through that sensation as through a tunnel.
Colors, shapes of all sorts, appearing out of nowhere, got caught in their awareness, let go a moment later. Then silence, and the dim light of the woodcutter´s house, piercing through their torpid eyelashes... They were back.

~ The End of Episode 4 ~

[OOC: The names of the main characters are linked to MW sheets. Alternatively, you can refer to their TTW sheets: Aubey´s, Chatai´s, Glan´s, and Tia´s.]

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