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Character Sheet, Tia

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An alternative to the myth-weavers character sheet.

Name: Tilleul (Tia)
Campaign: Heroes of Eattwe
Class: Rogue
Level: 3 (XP 900)
HP: 24(24)+0
AC: 14 (Leather)
Speed: 30 (3.4 mph)
Passive Perception: 10

Race: Elf (no subrace)
Background: Criminal, Pickpocket[7]
Alignment: chaotic-good
Deity: Mask (Trickery)

- Shortsword (5 ft range), +5 to attack, 1d6+3 piercing
- Shortbow (80-320 ft range), +5 to attack, 1d6+3 piercing
- 2x Dagger (5 ft/20-60 ft range), +5 (/+2) to attack, 1d4+3 (/+0) piercing

- assumed to not be weighing as much as to reduce the speed from the racial maximum
- Stadard Criminal Equipment -
= a crowbar
= a set of dark common clothes including a hood
= a pouch containing 15 gp
- Standard Rogue Equipment -
= a shortsword
= a shortbow and quiver of 20 arrows
= an explorer´s pack
= leather armor
= two daggers
= thieves´ tools

Proficiency Bonus: 2

>Constitution: score 14, modifier +2, to save +2
>Strength: score 10, modifier 0, to save 0
- Athletics: not proficient, modifier 0
>Dexterity: score 16, modifier +3, to save +5
- Acrobatics: proficient, modifier +5
- Sleight of Hand: proficient, modifier +5
- Stealth: proficient, modifier +5
>Wisdom: score 10, modifier 0, to save 0
- Animal Handling: not proficient, modifier 0
- Insight: not proficient, modifier 0
- Medicine: not proficient, modifier 0
- Perception: proficient, modifier 2
- Survival: not proficient, modifier 0
>Charisma: score 14, modifier +2, to save 2
- Deception: proficient, modifier 4
- Intimidation: not proficient, modifier 2
- Performance: proficient, modifier 4
- Persuasion: not proficient, modifier 2
>Intelligence: score 10, modifier 0, to save 2
- Arcana: not proficient, modifier 0
- History: not proficient, modifier 0
- Investigation: not proficient, modifier 0
- Nature: not proficient, modifier 0
- Religion: not proficient, modifier 0

Other Proficiencies
- simple (including shortbows)
- hand crossbows
- longswords
- rapiers
- shortswords
- light
- dice
- thieves´ tools

Features and Traits
- Darkvision, 60 ft (Elf)
- Keen Senses (Elf)
- Fey Ancestry (Elf)
- Trance (Elf)
- Criminal Contact (Criminal)
- Sneak Attack 2d6 (Rogue)
- Expertise in Acrobatics, Deception (Rogue)
- Thieves´ Cant (Rogue)
- Cunning Action (Rogue)
- Roguish Archetype = Thief (Rogue)
- Fast Hands (Rogue, Thief)
- Second-Story Work (Rogue, Thief)
- Languages: Common, Elvish

- Gender: female
- Features: Indochinese/Chinese/Japanese-like
- Age: young
- Build: slender
- Size: medium
- Height: 5.2 ft
- Weight: 120 lb

- Trait: I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong. [1]
- Ideal: Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. (Chaotic) [2]
- Bond: Someone I loved died because of I mistake I made. That will never happen again. [6]
- Flaw: I have a “tell” that reveals when I’m lying. [4]

- Grew up in an orphanage. One day a young burgler broke in. She was in her teens. They fell in love and she ran off with him. Once, while pickpocketing, was about to get caught, but the young man created a diversion and she escaped. A false move, while running from the town guards, got him killed, though. She could never forgive herself. The decision to make the most of this gift of life helped her overcome her grief. She became a very determined young woman who soon rose among the local underworld´s ranks. She kept a soft spot in her heart for people found in desperate situations. And as she was once saved for the price of a most dear one´s life, she too can go at great lengths to help another; perhaps in search of redemption, of inner peace. She currently runs a tavern as cover for various other pursuits.
- Aubey, Chatai, and Glan are her childhood friends.

- She was named after the Tilleul (Fr.) tree; at the orphanage.
- Her essential element is Water (the element is related to the medical properties of Tilleul).

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