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Story of Errandurr: Episode 1, Part 1

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Episode 1: Memories of The Looking Glass
Part 1: Finding a Way Back

Participation Days Remaining: -

Someone´s opinion, which I care much about, made me see this project as something that could not continue to run at thetangledweb just on my energy. Please take your time to look at all I wrote so far. If, perhaps, you will not find yourself repulsed by what I expressed of my self, or by this project´s ideas and style, then please consider giving Errandûrr´s Story your support of participation.

[OOC: Hello!! I´m so, so happy for finally being able to play with you! Um... I don´t suppose you read anything from the Errandûrr blog category so far, did you? You did!? So you know. That this... will be a rather long transition story: for me to genuine role-player, for Errandûrr to an actual character. Right... Anyway, here´s a list of some links you may want an easy reference to:

- the Blog Play System guidelines, in summary and in full version,

- my text style settings, exemplified here (in the second comment),

- my foreword to this blog story enterprise,

- Errandûrr´s ¨character sheet¨, with a Links section of its own, also in no JavaScript form, and

- a prologue (continued in the first comment), showing Errandûrr recently before this time.

We will be playing here, thus: me through posts, you through comments. At each story pause, I´ll let you know what should or could follow. OK, then, we´re all set! ...No, wait. First, I must give a review of my wishes, for Errandûrr´s evolution and for play here. Then we´re set. Almost... Yes, yes, please click that button!

Three ´spoiler´ type buttons are present in this post. You can find their non-JavaScript versions by following these links: ´My Wishes´, ´Com. Coding´, and ´Com. Structure´.

[OOC: A short note on some terminology used throughout: An Episode ´Part´ is made of ´Sub-parts´ - which group content with separate destinations; in general - either OOC matters or story content. A ´Sub-part´ is made of ´Sections´ which are usual paragraphs. A ´Sub-section´ may refer to one or more sentences the purpose of which can be differentiated somehow from the rest of a ´Section´. ´Paragraph´ is used with the usual meaning - independent body of text - either in general, or referring to a section of story content; for which the word ´Section´ seems less appropriate. I also mention that I occasionally might refer to a division of thetangledweb´s Forum which is not a Sub-forum, but a collection of them, by using the same term ´section´. That term is also used, in this introductory sub-part, to name a division of another blog post of mine which does not serve to present story content. ]

[OOC: This is about time frames: That of an episode part, with reference to story development stages, will be short. That of processing comments and writing a new blog post I shall try to make of 7 days of ¨real¨ life.

These mean that the episode parts will be rather small, although extension due to focusing on details is possible, and that an episode will span across a period of up to
2 ¨real¨ life months or so. Many of us have demanding work and personal life, and some already are engaged in other rp projects, so it should be convenient to not have to be concerned with more than one post a week; a period short enough to keep us from losing sight of the story, also.

All comments posted during
the first 5 days of the period will have a good chance to be taken into account, although sooner is better. I may also be considering the inclusion of overdue comments´ content in later episode parts; but don´t count on it, okay?

And, of course, the grace period for making participation comments would be extended with as many days I would be exceeding the specified time; until the posting of a new part.

[OOC: This is about what to expect from the current episode part, in terms of your participation:

First of all, let me tell you that the whole episode will be concerned with Errandûrr´s short journey back to the place where he grew up as a child. The ¨Looking Glass¨ from the title refers to those familiar sights, things and beings (if only considering Dada) in which Errandûrr will seek to find something lost of himself; hence the ¨Memories¨.

This first part will cover the few steps short after having left the town where he spent his last years. He may be returning there, to join some caravan heading for a major city, or not; I am still to decide that. In any case, for the moment, his concern is to find his way back to the old home in the woods, as apparently he does not remember the road once followed to get to the town. He tries to apply what he read about, but it is also possible for Nature to give him a sign. The stop point leaves the story open for your stepping in with a sign from Nature.

I planned only this simple interaction for this episode part. The whole episode, however, may occasion more applications of the BPS+ guidelines. Let´s just see first what this simple case leads to, shall we?

In addition, I mention here that I will always be open to suggestions about what may follow - although, unless I specifically ask for them at the end of an episode part, you should assume that there is no guarantee they would be taken into account as you intended; they would be offered with Story Guest rights only. At the end of this episode part I will tell you exactly what is expected from a participant.

In the case when there will not be any participation comments, I will most likely not have Nature give Errandûrr any sign. And I will just assume that this is your wish also...

[OOC: The Episode Part begins here. ]

...Somewhere, perhaps close by, the trees, strong, quietly, let a leaf fall, another. Bright, yellow bright, wavering midair until, serene, softly, it touched the ground; and then stopped. But then, somewhere, far, or, perhaps, close by (he did not look), one other leaf must have been falling. And then another. One step after another, after another. He felt them, in his feet, in his chest, as he kept walking, forward, away from the town where he forgot time, and back, on the guessed trace of earlier hopes and years...

Errandûrr pulled his backpack´s straps closer, tightening his grip slightly. But not because he was cold. The weather was warmer now than in the morning, when he left. It was one of those gentle days of early autumn, when the leaves´ gold, which fills the sight with glamor, seems to be carrying some of that still remaining aestival glory of the past sun. Memories came to his mind: The grey of the walls, at dawn, slowly rising; barely left when he turned to look back one last time. The town guards´ careless nod. The hand shake and the smile of the man who, for a while, was like a father to him. The lady´s face, withdrawn behind a curtain to hide a tear. That room in the library, and his books. A tavern´s corner? And that beam of light that wished him a Good Night, and then, at wake, Good Morning. And his feet, as if falling from that lightness of leaves, with which he tried to face his yesterday, pushed harder the earth under, as if stepping on those short recollections, to stay up, with their force, at his heart´s surface. He was on the road once more, but not the same man.

The forest felt... distant. Silent, dressed in its shining garment, in which all shadows melted, it seemed without end. And without place for him... The trees, guarding their leaves´ fall, were as careless of his passing through as those men at the town´s gate; or careless, rather, of his passing by - the gold, the yellow brightness, and that grace with which the leaves, in their descent, fitted the harmony of a whole, of Nature...
There! Errandûrr started. A bird, surprised by his presence, sounded a high-pitched call of alarm, and then flew off into the woods. He was... an intruder.

¨It´s true¨, he thought. ¨I don´t remember this place¨. Having just lost their momentum, his legs hesitated.
¨I´ll stop here for a while, to get my bearings. Let´s see...¨ He must have been walking for two or three hours, no more; the sun wasn´t yet at its highest. The town gates faced south-southeast and he followed that general direction, hoping to meet a familiar sign. But he could only guess that it was opposite to the direction he traveled from, once, to reach the town. At first he went past it, and had to return. And then he had to circle the wall until finding the gate... And he did not pay attention to what the old hermit mentioned about using the sun´s motion as reference. Back then, he was so trustful of the woods´ guidance, that a tree´s shape, a rock´s cover of moss were enough to find his way by. But now...

It first occurred to him, then, that he might have to try more than one direction; to choose one way, go back and choose another, then. Errandûrr put his backpack down, detached the waterskin and drank a bit. He took a few deep breaths, after, and thought: ¨Right. I shall try going... east, first, just for a day or so. And if I don´t find anything familiar, I´ll return.¨ He looked at the waterskin, then, thinking on the necessity of replacing its contents. If possible, he would prefer to not return to the town. Not counting the loss of time, it would mean to admit a new proof of his lost connection with the forest, a new blow to his hope that he may, again, be accepted as one of its kind...

The thought seemed to have uncovered such heaviness in his heart that, while raising his eyes towards the trees, to ask their help, he also had to lift it, and he was gathering all strength for that. He stood this way, for a few minutes, waiting... And then, still waiting, still carrying that load of doubt, he turned towards setting his plan in motion; the way he could, just by himself. ¨What first?¨, he sighed. ¨...Yes, yes,¨ to mark this position somehow, so that he may easily recognize it upon returning, and to find which way was east, exactly.

The books did seem to indicate the stripping of bark as one of the best methods to mark a place in the woods, but, of course, Errandûrr could not put himself through doing that to the trees, not if he had alternatives. But what were they... It had to be a large enough area... To use paint? He did not study the topic in detail, and only had this vague impression that to make paint would have also come down to hurting the trees, eventually. Besides, it may have taken him a really long time. He had white chalk in his backpack, but... Would the rough, wrinkled bark hold enough of it for the purpose? And would a strong rain not make little of such improvised sign? It may also have taken him considerable energy to accomplish the task... What else? Fallen twigs, hung with cord from low branches? He couldn´t afford to waste cord, no... The remains of burnt leaves, then? New leaves would easily have covered those... ¨What else... what else...¨ There weren´t enough fallen branches around to build anything worthwhile... ¨Well... what do you know... Hm... If I only have thought...¨ he said to himself, surprised by having remembered that he once read of ribbons being used, colored ribbons. Would have been cheap too... ¨How unwise...¨ he thought, to let the association of ribbons to women cause him to miss this possible use, while preparing... ¨Hm...¨ He could sacrifice a piece of extra undergarment to make some... ¨but no¨, no, he would need that later... It seemed like his only choices were either to give up on trying to make this place somehow stand out, or to go back; at least as close to the town as it takes to just barely see the gate, in the distance, without being seen... The latter option appeared to be the more reasonable one...

¨Well, then...¨
Could he count on remembering this morning´s road, or should he find north and then determine the town´s direction, just to be sure? ¨Just to be sure...¨ Errandûrr looked around, but found no ant hill. The growth of various tree branches did not give him any clear indication, there was moss in all places, and he knew the wind to never have been reliable for a sense of direction in those parts. ¨I could make a compass... I think I have everything I need for that... And I could use the stick-shadow method, which has less chances to fail... although it would take longer... I know, I´ll do both! I have enough time, and it´s good practice.¨ The conclusion cheered him up. It would not have been completely wasted, the morning! And Errandûrr smiled to the trees, feeling that he found a solution they too would have agreed to.

He rested on that comfortable sensation of peace for a short while and then set himself to work. Now and then, he looked back at the forest, distracted, still wearing something of that earlier smile. But he could not have been aware whether or not the desire that troubled him on the way there, of which he was now forgetful, still found a way to his expression. And farther, then, into the woods´ heart...

[OOC: The Episode Part ends here. ]

[OOC: This is about what you may bring to the story, at this point: This first time you are invited to take on the role of Nature Itself, and give Errandûrr the sign he still secretly hopes for: a sign that would guide him in the correct direction, towards his childhood home.

(1) I would like that to be a manifestation you would expect to see in a normal forest of deciduous trees, in autumn, and that can include a temporary meteorological phenomenon. The ´body´ of the manifestation should, thus, be natural; although it may consist of an unusual association of elements. But the ´spirit´ of it would most likely have something of the forest´s hidden enchantment. Here, in this aspect of ´spirit´, your imagination is free to express itself. And the ´soul´ would be beauty, which your choice of wording might reflect.

(2) About the event´s meaning: In order for it to constitute a sign, it should make clear which direction it indicates to Errandûrr. Alternatively, you have the option of presenting a confusing sign - one which indicates more than one direction, or none at all. However, if you do have a specific direction in mind, you should specify it, either through the event´s description, or through an accompanying OOC segment; according to the comment format indications that you can find below (under ´Com. Structure´). It could be a geographical direction, or a direction relative to the approximative one Errandûrr came from; although in the second case you should probably have in that OOC segment, for explaining which geographical direction you were referring to.

(3) If you want to participate without a description of the event, but by only presenting the idea of it, you should do so within an OOC segment, according to the specifications under ´Com. Structure´, from below. You could also give only a partial description and specify that you would like me to co-write your part.

(4) And lastly, it would be preferable to not make the description too long. The average paragraph size is about 150 words. Please aim for this maximum size, extended with no more than an additional 50 words for exclusive OOC segments purposes. Thank you!

Any willing participants are hereby granted a Story Teller right, with the following limitations: the right can only be used to offer content which conforms to the specifications given in this OOC sub-part, and the right expires at the time I publish the next episode part. ]

[OOC: This sub-part is for mentioning that I do not find necessary, at this time, to define a personal preference for a sign that would influence Errandûrr´s choice of direction.

However, I am prepared to act in two ways, in the case I would find myself tolerating a continuation I am not completely happy with: One is to say, in the next episode part, that Errandûrr took the sign in consideration, but then abstained from giving it decisive importance. And I will be presenting what I believe to be a good reason for that. The other way is to implement the continuation, but to later correct the wrong path it would take Errandûrr on; possibly in the same (next) episode part.

I will probably be giving special attention to the comments of people I happened to socialize with so far (see my ´Foreword´ post for their names). Next on my list of preferences would be those comments of others that appeal to my personal taste. In everyone else´s case I will decide based on each one´s Priority roll.

In addition, I also mention here how I will treat comments which do not make it to the next episode part: First of all, if your comment was made in good faith, rest assured that it was received in the same way, that it not being included has only to do with personal preferences with regard to content, and that you are welcome to participate again. If there would be too many comments (not likely, but let´s just say if), I would probably refer to those personal preferences of mine without making comparative reference to particular comments content. And in the case when there would be few enough comments, there is a good chance I would mention each one specifically along with my reasons for not taking it into account; at least at this time. ]

[OOC: This is to thank you for reading, and, maybe, participating :) I wrote while feeling I share with you, whoever you may be. We must part words for now, but I hope we will be meeting again at the next blog post, for quality time together. And then again, and again. A friend is always welcome :) Have a nice week! ]

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