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Updated 03-15-2018 at 09:59 AM by Erran

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  1. Erran's Avatar
    myth-weavers´ sheets section was out of order + I wanted to modify the sheet - I did not afford to feel bad about it or postpone = this was the result

    This sheet describes the current situation of Errandûrr. I would prefer it to the standard one, at least until he will take part in a usual campaign.

    Major changes are: taking Medicine instead of History, and the reduced equipment list (with some corrections about items placements too).

    With regard to the first, a short explaining note was added to the first comments of Errandûrr´s definition. The second is addressed in the comment to the ¨Preparations¨ blog post.
  2. Erran's Avatar
    I present here a version of the sheet without ´spoiler´ type buttons, for those of you who prefer to not enable JavaScript in their browsers.


    Game Data

    • player name: Erran
    • game-world rules system: DnD 5e
    • character status: in training, to become fit for his class; about to embark on a journey of learning
    • campaign: not currently participating in a regular one


    • his earliest definition and complete backstory: part 1, and part 2
    • his dedicated blog pages, including parts of his story: here
    • his myth-weavers sheet: here; for that distant future of participating in an actual PbP forum thread campaign...


    • race: Half-Elf
    • gender: male
    • age: 22
    • height: 6 ft
    • weight: 185 lb
    • thin-medium build
    • pale bronze skin
    • medium brown hair
    • dark brown eyes
    • no scars
    • no posture irregularities
    • no movement impediments
    • traveler´s clothes, drab colors
    • may be seen carrying a thin branch as walking stick; usually outside settlements


    • class: Ranger
    • level: ~1 (in training)
    • background: Sage (-like)
    • alignment: Lawful Neutral (tending towards Good)
    • experience: 0 (currently not used)

    Abilities, Assets

    • passive perception: 12
    • initiative: 1d20 +2
    • armor class: 10 (no armor)
    • - saving throws
    • Constitution: 1d20
    • Strength: 1d20 (not applying the +2 bonus from his class; however, may take into account a +2 bonus in extreme situations when Errandûrr would gain extra strength from his heart - most likely to protect a being he is attached to)
    • Dexterity: 1d20 +4
    • Wisdom: 1d20 +2 (+4, instead, against attempts at being charmed or put to sleep; my choice, to replace racial invulnerability)
    • Charisma: 1d20 +1
    • Intelligence: 1d20 +2
    • - health
    • 10 maximum hit points
    • 10 current hit points
    • 0 death save successes
    • 0 death save failures
    • hit dice: d10
    • - speeds (ft per 6 sec)
    • 28 (just clothes and weapons)
    • 20 (all equipment carried)
    • M per day (8 h), on foot: 18.2
    • -
    • proficiency bonus: 2
    • initiative: 1d20 +2
    • - physical attacks and defenses
    • Dagger: 1d4 piercing damage; 1d20 +4 chance to hit; finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60 ft)
    • Shortbow: 1d6 piercing damage; 1d20 +4 chance to hit; ammunition (range 80/320 ft), two-handed
    • - combat oriented spells (see -spellcasting below for everything else about that topic)
    • none
    • - combat related features
    • light and medium armor proficiency
    • proficiency with the weapons he uses
    • -
    • - spellcasting
    • casting ability: Wisdom
    • spell chance to hit: 1d20 +4
    • spell save DC: 12
    • spell slots: 2
    • number of prepared spells: 3
    • level 0 spell: none for his class
    • level 1 spell: -
    • level 1 spell: -
    • level 1 spell: -
    • level 2 spell: -
    • level 2 spell: -
    • -
    • - ability scores (and modifiers)
    • 11(0) Constitution
    • 10(0) Strength
    • 14(2) Dexterity
    • 15(2) Wisdom
    • 12(1) Charisma
    • 14(2) Intelligence
    • - skills
    • Arcana
    • Insight
    • Medicine
    • Nature
    • Perception
    • Survival
    • -
    • - languages
    • Common: average skill
    • Elvish: very limited skill
    • Sylvan: limited skill (just speaking)
    • something just between him and nature, probably, is what I mentioned in his earliest description as ¨the language of the heart¨
    • - other features, not combat related
    • Darkvision (but trained, not inherent by race; to be improved by practice)
    • the sleep needs of a Human: Errandûrr is not built for sustained effort, especially physical. He needs to balance effort with rest to stay healthy, psychically safe, and to make good use of his mind and senses.
    • ability at gaining knowledge from books (self-educated)
    • Favored Enemy: Fey (level 1 class feature; he used to play with fey children when he was little - ¨enemy¨ refers to competition only in this context)
    • Natural Explorer: Forests
    • -
    • - valuables
    • money: 6 cp
    • other:

    (continued in next comment)
    Updated 03-15-2018 at 09:53 AM by Erran
  3. Erran's Avatar
    (continued from previous comment)


    • estimations for full equipment: 55 lb, 35 gp
    • - items equipped most of the time
    • Traveller´s Clothes: 5 lb; 2 gp. Understood to include: undergarments and socks; pants, a jacket or thick shirt, and a belt; boots and a sun hat.
    • Dagger: 1 lb; 2 gp. Worn at the belt, on the left side.
    • Shortbow: 2 lb; 10 gp. When assembled, may be worn on the left shoulder (vertical position) or held in hand; otherwise, the stave is held in hand. During a short sprint (like, for taking cover), may be secured with the left hand.
    • Quiver: 1 lb; 1 gp. Worn on the right shoulder usually; may be strapped to the belt in special cases.
    • Arrows (20): 1 lb; 1 gp. Held in the quiver.
    • these are the items assumed equipped during most fights; the highest speed value specified corresponds to their exclusive use
    • - items equipped while traveling
    • Backpack: 5 lb; 2 gp. Worn with both shoulders. Has a belt which fits over the belly; in use while no dangers are detected in the vicinity.
    • - items strapped to the backpack
    • Bucket: 2 lb; 0.05 gp. Firmly secured to the backpack with cords; so that it would not move while walking. Placed towards the lower right side of the upper body (on top of the backpack).
    • Handaxe: 5 lb; 2 gp. Placed towards the lower left side of the upper body (on top of the backpack).
    • Shovel: 5 lb; 2 gp. Placed centrally over the backpack.
    • Waterskin: 5 lb (full); 2 gp. Secured to the backpack with cords. Positioned across the bottom of the backpack.
    • - items held inside the backpack
    • Bags (small, with Spices and dry Herbs): 0.3 lb; 4 gp (bought contents). Guessed weight and price.
    • Brush (small): 0.3 lb; 0.1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Chalk (2 pieces): 0.1 lb; 0.02 gp. Guessed weight.
    • Cloak (waterproof): ? lb; ? gp
    • Comb (small, light): ? lb; ? gp
    • Cordage (thinner than Rope, 15 ft or so): ? lb; ? gp
    • Fishing Hooks (5, small): 0.2 lb; 0.1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Lamp: 1 lb; 0.5 gp
    • Mess Kit: 0.1 lb; 2 gp
    • Nails (10, steel, short): 0.2 lb; 1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Needles (3) and Thread (brown): 0.2 lb; 0.1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Oil (2 flasks): 2 lb; 2 gp.
    • Pot (iron, 0.2 gal): 2 lb; 0.4 gp. Price and weight calculated based on those of the 1 gal Pot.
    • Rations (3 days): 6 lb; 1.5 gp
    • Sack (x2): 1 lb; 0.02 gp
    • Scissors (nails) and Tweezers (thin, 2 in): 1 lb; 1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Soap (3 small bars): 1 lb; 0.06 gp
    • Tinderbox: 1 lb; 0.5 gp
    • Toothbrush: ? lb; ? gp
    • Undergarments (1 set), Socks (3 pairs), and a Towel: 1 lb; 1 gp. Guessed weight and price.


    • - general traits (also see -presence below)
    • Errandûrr is characterized by a tempered secludedness, which implies keeping a low profile, and not expecting from social interactions much on a personal level; still, being polite and moderately courteous, as it befits a man of low stature.
    • Errandûrr´s personality is not completely determined at the moment. The difficult situations that he will encounter while traveling will contribute to shaping him further.
    • - ideals
    • His ideal is to feel whole, to which end he has engaged in pursuing three definite goals (see below).
    • - bonds
    • His bonds are his quests: to find his parents, to cure his soul - so that he can enjoy life among others fully, and to attain communion with nature (once more).
    • However, his adventures may determine new bonds which are not subordinated to his quests, but which have to do with a heart´s desire for light, even if perceived only in the opposite to what the darkness tempts or would drive him to do.
    • - flaws
    • His flaws may be found anywhere his secludedness and his curse cast a shadow.
    • This does not mean that Errandûrr would decline responsibility for any misconduct or choices on account of the curse. He has already accepted his role as gatekeeper against the inner darkness, and does not expect (or welcome) any lenience on account of his unfortunate situation; to see that he is treated as an equal makes him feel a bit in that way which would be experienced fully after succeeding in his quests.
    • What it does mean is that the secludedness and the darkness may influence his behavior; sometimes in ways he may not be aware of.
    • - presence
    • He resembles a lake.
    • From a distance, a passing glance would catch no more of him than a pale gleam of social grace, or else could easily miss him altogether.
    • The stranger engaging in a casual conversation would perhaps feel the stillness, the calm which remind of a lake´s surface. They may easily get bored too, should Errandûrr choose to ignore the person. But none could feel that they have been ill-treated, as Errandûrr´s self-control, throughout the years, approached in appearance, at the surface of his behavior, what is generally perceived as politeness. He is just not an exciting person to be around...
    • Only those who would be brought closer to him by things shared in special circumstances, and maybe those wise, those tried enough in their hearts to perceive past appearances, may notice the tension from deep within, as a monster fish lurking in a lake´s darkness.
    • But to reach any treasures that may also lie in that depth, it would take someone very brave to dive after them; or someone stealthy enough to follow him unnoticed in his walks among trees...

    (continued in next comment)
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  4. Erran's Avatar
    (continued from previous comment)

    • And still, as also deep inside Errandûrr longs for the company of kindred souls, as any being, he will now and then take the risk of having at least a bit of what he sees others share, by looking for bits of those treasures to bring to the surface himself. And, whether they appear in the energy of his presence, or in his conversation, the light caught in these tiny gems often surprises him as much as others.
    • This is what Errandûrr could say about himself.
    • - strengths
    • self-controlled
    • organized
    • - weaknesses
    • At level 1: merely trying to pass as a Ranger based on knowledge gathered from books and the relationship he hopes he has with nature; no experience from training with a professional.
    • He is reluctant to approach magical effects and items, as well as magic wielders, as he could not guess the influences on his soul condition; the risk of having his curse grow in strength is too dangerous to take.
    • His forced secludedness may cause him to feel sympathy for monsters, and he could feel inclined to spare the life of those who attacked out of fear, out of an instinct of self-defense.
    • He´d find it very difficult to end a life, especially of a non-monstrous, natural being, as he feels a connection with all living things; this also applies to the deadliest of beasts. The only exception would be the case of a creature who became so corrupted by evil that life in it has become a mere prisoner of defilement (however, he would need to have quite some worldly experience between thinking like this; a change of alignment should not be necessary).
    • While unsure whether nature will receive him in its midst, eventually, back as in childhood, or if he can only take part in it as a usual ranger, or hunter - by understanding the place of every living thing, including his own, and by abiding to its laws - Errandûrr finds it very difficult to cut tree branches, or bark, to gather plants, or to hunt for food, whenever his role as a ranger demands it.
    • - deity
    • none to identify by name
    • most suitable domains: Life, Light, Nature


    • - the abridged version
    • Errandûrr was found in the woods when he was a baby. He was raised by an awakened tree, by animals, and by Fey folk; who also divined his name. He grew up feeling he is a part of the forest, and knowing that he can depend on it for all his needs. The first language he spoke was Sylvan.
    • He had a wound to his soul, caused by dark magic, which the Fey only managed to keep in check with their knowledge of medicine. That darkness grew with Errandûrr and he was forced to draw away from a usual life among others, in order to stand guard against that evil´s spreading inside and taking over him. As he felt less and less that he belonged, he considered leaving the woods in search for his natural parents and for a cure.
    • An opportunity presented itself, when the old hermit he used to keep company with now and then, needed being taken care of. Errandûrr stayed in his house, providing for him, until he died, time during which he learned to speak, read, and write Common.
    • With a letter from the old man, Errandûrr then reached a town, where he was given a copyist´s job at the local library. For a few years, he searched through archives for a clue to his origins, he read about magic and learned by himself some Elvish. His conduct at the job, as outside of it, left no room for reproach.
    • He made few acquaintances among the town´s youth, and he learned to fit in, from a distance. His only close friends, he felt, where the trees outside the town´s walls. His will to keep the darkness at bay inside hardened, but his heart, where solitude grew, slowly lost strength.
    • The time came when he realized that he can make no more progress on his quest while staying in the town. And he began to prepare for taking on a life role which would offer him more opportunities. He considered presenting himself as a ranger, hoping that his past of living in the woods has provided enough experience to get him started.
    • Hoping he can still rely on a connection with nature, in spite of the separateness which marked his growing up, he turned to his inspired, yet undeveloped, poetic side to communicate by. Its softness, along with discipline, and with having to rely more on things read instead of practice, define his approach to life.
    • - the complete version
    • please follow the appropriate Link

    Following Events

    • -

    Hopes & Worries

    • for the latest situation, please see the blog post Preparations(the Errandûrr category)
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