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Fog laden woods and dream blooms

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...No, you donīt need to take that along. We are just going for a short walk. You couldnīt get lost! Although I might... And we might end up in places so far apart, outside the woods... But the trees know me too well. They know that only I am theirs, and will probably lead you out on the shortest route possible; and then they would stand silent, like you have never met before, thinking you will forget soon... Youīll see. Just take your eyes off! ... ... Um... Are you still with me? Here, hold on to my coat, then. And Iīll walk a few steps ahead, like this. Wouldnīt want to lose you so soon... We will be entering the mist just as slowly as it gathers around us. And pass by the trees like faint memories... You know, they arenīt bad trees. They... are just not used to you... And thereīs that other thing, too. Yes... thatīs probably having more to do with their woodiness. You see... theyīre guarding something. And this is why they are very cautious. I guess you could say theyīre just doing their duty, but I think- Look, look! Did you see that?! There... Well, itīs gone now, apparently... Oh, never mind. It may have been just my overactive anticipation. Ever since I heard you were coming, I got my hopes up about finding another one. I donīt know why... I mean, after all these years, youīd expect I got used to... Mm? Right, I did not tell you yet what we are looking for. Itīs... Hm... I wonder... I am wondering if I should tell you... The trees would surely hear, and then... they might come up with the notion that this is not just a stroll. And instead of letting themselves slowly slip into a careless slumber, they would straighten their branches and flip their leaves vigilantly. Then we would probably not be able to see anything for the rest of this walk; and it would be just as good as if I would not have told you... Besides, I donīt want you to think I brought you along just for a second pair of eyes... No, no, I wanted you to join me because... Letīs stop here, shall we? This is a good place to stop and let you know. Fog all around, and all directions looking the same... Perfect! It is just like the time before dreams start. You see, itīs because of a dream that we are here. A dream that came soon after we had our last conversation; I mean my writing, you know. A dream which reminded me about something I thought all but lost. Something from the far past, long, long ago, which I only saw once, just once. Itīs when the forest was really born. And I believe it might be hidden in here ever since. ...I am not losing you, am I? ...Itīs getting chillier. We should move on... You can tell that the trees are listening, in their numbness. But they donīt expect us to find it, not just like that (Letīs wait a bit longer, until dawn sleepiness draws near enough. And then I wouldnīt give us away)... ...Yes, it must be here still. What was it? I think... I think it was my destiny... But it came as a dream, a vision; another one, yes. You know, there is just a handful of people I told about it so far. And maybe itīs best to keep things this way... But you came here, with me, and that surely entitles you to know something which the old and the heralding dreams shared. It is not easy to describe though... A song? I think it is safe to say that the new dream was the second time in my life I heard music in my sleep. But that song... The reason it sent me back in time was because it went beyond words and beyond sound, after. And the first dream... what I came soul to soul with then itīs still indescribable... Perfection maybe. Of voice, of verse, of meaning, timeless, space-less, and all inclusive, at the same time... And these trees, in their hearts of wood, where they keep silence, they know what I am talking about... (Iīll touch one, gently, to make sure... Saw that? It started... Wonīt be long now...) ...How do dreams work? Do you know? Sometimes I feel like Iīm a really young soul... All I can say, with some certainty, in reply to your question, is that you, that we are here because of a dream... And because someone once said that my vision was about something to be lived among people, not by myself. I think itīs funny how life wraps up, as years pass, and all you see clearly when looking back is these few major themes just looking at you, in their turn; like you would not need to ask for an explanation. All I learned so far, while trying to fulfill that promised destiny, is to be by myself, self-sufficient, alone. Yet that vision let itself be know again, now, after all this time. What does it mean? ...I think I gave up trying to answer such questions. And I feel that it is your soulīs wisdom, rather than your knowledge, that has the greater chances at drawing luck in to our walk... Theyīre sound asleep now. Now itīs safe to tell you: weīre after dream buds. Baby dreams. Just one really. Mm? No, no, we wonīt pick them up, wonīt break them, no. They pick you, actually. Me, I mean. And then I become part of the treesī dream. And maybe, if itīs the right time, Iīll meet with that vision in there, again. And the dream will continue from where it left me, far back, so long ago... Can never tell, from outside. It might be this bud, or that bud... canīt tell. But let us find some first... They stand out in the fog like small lights. For just a while, a pale flash. Theyīre born from sun rays, you know? the dreams of the forest. Yes. The treesī souls take them in, like earth does, and dreams, then, begin to grow. Dreams of light... ...Oh, oh, look... Arenīt they beautiful? Come on, letīs get closer... ...Yes, you can touch them. ...Ha-ha, donīt be afraid. They couldnīt get hurt. Well, this one hid back into the mists. So what... Thereīs so many of them around, now. See? Like stars... Only theyīre warm... and tender... I knew it was a good idea to bring you with me! And look: I think that was the one you touched earlier. See? Itīs back. ...I wonder... What if... what if it means something... That you touched it. What if that is the one? ...Wanna see? I want. I feel ready! Youīre ready? But this means you will remain by yourself then, you know? And the walk would be over... A short one... like I first said... And in a short while you will find yourself returned back to your world. Just by taking your eyes off. And waiting a bit for them to clear of mist. But not yet! Please. Iīd like you to stay until the dream takes me in. To be sure. Will you? Thanks... Itīs good bye then... Weīll see each other in writing, soon. It was nice to have you along, you know? Whichever way this dream turns out... Well... you can let go of my coat, now. And Iīll touch the dream, and... ...

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