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Stillness, was it? Well, it just happens that there is a side to stillness that makes it feel worthwhile: the hunterīs stealth.

(Fair warning: This post is meant, probably XD, to make me look good. It dissociates some potentially admirable qualities from the struggle and mess which always occur when trying to impose oneīs will to the natural rhythms of life. I just wanted to give you and myself a taste of something different. However, if this is a balancing act, I am aware that it happened in me before I had the idea of this post. Iīm letting you know that it is not artificial, OK? Life does its work behind the scenes.)

It came as a surprise. It often happens, after a long enough period of time during which I am in this way, or that way... working with whatever shape of my soul life chooses in its attempts to yield sweet fruit. Long enough, often, that I forget I can be different. And this time almost a whole week passed of being unhappy with both the quality of the available outdoors knowledge, and with the energy I could give to my learning-becoming project here. I had stuffed my mind with information to the point that common sense became dull. And I think I was at the edge of a small crisis, as I came to rely for strength on something outside of myself - the words repeated throughout survival books: stay calm, and force yourself to think logically. And there I was when it happened. Two eyes opened up in the darkness surrounding that feeling of turning into a log (...). All of the sudden, and from the branch it was perched on, I passed into this winged sensation of intense focus. Like there was nothing else left than me and learning prey.

Hello, sleepy head! What took you so long... Oh, well... whatīs a night-bird to do while the sun is still up there? Come twilight, and then we get to feel a little like weīre alive. That last dream, though... I must have wandered way pass the tree line or something, īcause I got this gut sensation I missed on more than a few sunsets...

(Just to dispel any possible clouds at this point: Iīm not about to announce any major breakthrough :) Would it not be enough if most of what I have to express here is a good feeling? But the tag roleplay was not chosen to lure you in. I will touch on the topic in following paragraphs. Already did, indirectly, when I mentioned common sense!)

Oh, yeah... It sure is one of the best things to experience in life, to find yourself in, a focused mind. I tell myself it must be there too, at the end, when Iīll be playing with you. To rise with it, also, in spirit, then, closer, a bit closer to the source of light. Or like a large bird, to push against the earth, the wood of my heart, where light is just reflected or just absorbed, and to throw myself, wings wide open, into that role-playing space between us, where light itself takes place. (And I am sure, given this context, that light can, for all practical purposes, be deemed owl-friendly. If not... Hey! This is just another soul shape, you know?)

That was a breath of fresh air! As for the size of it... I think that the use of paragraph breaks loosened a bit my sense of proportion XD Well, anyway, I feel itīs time for that update on my, I mean Erranīs relationship to role-playing, now. Of course, none would expect me to have made any progress based on what was expressed in my too recent previous post. But it so happened that, along with that bird of prey mind focus, also came rudiments of a strategy, which I am to employ in approaching this dear, but still untouchable topic. And while I assume that I may be one of the few exceptions who donīt naturally fit into role-playing, there may be something to what I am about to share of use to others. Even if only at such times when clouds cast over the inspiration make it hard to see clearly a way of doing things which feels right...

And here they are: First, that common sense can replace much of the techniques and procedures one can pick up from books. (Duh... No, seriously. Look - common sense may be common and all, but to me sometimes is quite uncommon. And as with most things, that has a good side as well; but Iīm not at defending myself here ;) Thing is that I followed a way of my own in life, at the cost of losing familiarity with some habits of mankind. And this is all I am going to say about that for now. Just enough to assist you in processing this odd bit about my approach. And I assume that someone experimenting with life, or maybe just having a streak of bad luck could find support in this, otherwise self-evident, affirmation of mine, knowing that it came up as a result of learning experience.)

Second, that the vocabulary, and generally the language skill that one has is most likely enough for taking part with in PbP role-play; like here at TTW. (...And I am very tempted to go on about that way of my own here, but I reckon we can do without it. Thing is, even if the said skill is limited in some ways, one can make something good of what is available, provided that one tries hard enough. And puts soul into it, of course. But I am yet to prove this with my play...)

Third, and now weīre getting to the juicier parts of the strategy; pass hide and other unpleasantnesses: That the way to make sure your part of the story, at any time, comes out right begins by drawing a mental map of the whole situation. A map where all elements of recognized importance are clearly represented. No, better use paper or a computer file for that. And then contemplate that map until answers start to pop up at your mindīs surface. (Havenīt tried it yet, but I trust the owl.)

Fourth, and this I leave to the interested readerīs interpretation, as it depends in some measure on the type of character played with as well: That after sketching a course of action, you add behavioral color in proportion to the relationship your character has with those of the other players. (I felt like joining my hands on the desk, at this point, to rest my brow on their touch. I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh. Quite surprising... And then I realized it is because that relationship I spoke of is the closest thing I can imagine to the so desired light, grace that life in me is after.)

And fifth, (back to smaller stuff once more - I hope everyone got their fill so far, and are already working on their next pellet...): That no matter how seriously one is prepared to take on a role, more important than realism is to fit well within the mesh that othersī choices leave open; while staying in character, at the same time, of course.

And finally, a sixth one: That, since unknown and unpreparedness are unavoidable, one might as well make them a part of the character played with. And rely on team work, on cooperation for greater chances of success, whatever the course of a characterīs action one faces difficulties in.

That was it. Down to the tiniest bone. Yum? All that remains now is to try and apply these. At the right time... I still got quite a lot of outdoors related materials to process...

So nice to have joined me this hunt :D See you! ...Or rather, en-wording myself for your eyes... not sure if... In any case, soon, hopefully ~

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Updated 02-21-2018 at 01:46 PM by Erran