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Seasons of the forest

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When the forest was born, it was summer. Role-playing shined like a full sun in my heart and made me smile. There was nothing yet, just a spirit of being possible, stretching between what I knew myself capable of and the joy shared by others. :: Then autumn came, even if my forest was so young, a fall from the sky of wishes beautiful to earth, to toil and growth. The sky darkens in autumn, because the shadow of things to learn, to adapt to, the size of which cannot be guessed yet, is as great as the whole world. :: In winter, there is nowhere lower to go. And, the slow, quiet movement back through and out from under the burden starts. Strong? unrelenting, then? faithful? Or rather, only, with gentleness, the soul, submitting itself to the wheel of life, accepting its place in the world... And it seems a miracle, always, when those long, long days, or hours, of patience end, and you realize you learned something, and you are closer to touching the dream. :: Itīs spring. When what was without measure or known, now it feels like a shell which the seed casts aside to rise farther, up. Up, to that surface where its held memory of the first smile would meet, again, the warmth, the light of othersī play. :: And, as the forest awakens to having grown a bit more, as trees rejoice in their firm shapes, between them, the space too, slowly, fills with an awareness of remaining distance. Between them and the sky, me and you. And the trees start to feel thin and stretched, as their leaves eyes and cheeks face again the full shine of a summer sun. :: And, for a short while, then, the soul, divided, remains on earth to brace itself, to accept the toil following, and soars, too, for a short while just, to that peak of the world. Among clouds, a wisp. As close to a touch can a gathering of dreams bring people. And sometimes... :: Time stops. Or there is a fifth season of life which, sometimes, takes place above the wheel. A season where all that is to be attained is already, and there is no more separateness. Never was. And where Iīm inspired to write this. (Itīs out of time, you know, so you canīt ask that sentence to sound right...) :: (just something small, unassuming, to stay in touch) Erran ~

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Updated 02-14-2018 at 06:53 PM by Erran

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  1. sarynkitamo's Avatar
    Psst paragraph breaks would help these be more legible.
  2. Erran's Avatar
    Of course. I kind of like them this way too, though, continuous, fluid, without stops. And if I get to make them feel endless, the better. At times, it does seem like I lose air when I start reading. However, soon, I remember that I can breathe underwater as well, if only in my mind :) ...And I may be taking a big chance here. But still, there is nothing unfair to them. There is enough quality inside, I think, to compensate for any first steps inconveniences on the readerīs part. Donīt agree. I like this feeling, that I donīt share my posts with only search engines, more. Iīll try to pass it on by complying with your request. Even if I have to simulate those breaks. I did learn a few bb code tricks since I got started here. Change is nice! Thanks. It cheered me up, this imagined conversation ~
    Updated 02-19-2018 at 05:21 AM by Erran