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The crossroads

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Three,/ three, point, five.../ ever dripping// a new, and new/ distance sound,// to the wood of grown trees still waiting// by the small pond.../// There,/ in the north,/ where that other// system of rules/ unbound lies,// I must, to keep my woods, set border,// and free of ties./// Stones,/ to the south,/ sprightly glitter,// and call to joys/ of light, warmth,// of known, published campaign settings lore,// would just be learned.../// Doors/ to the past,/ the all-went road// uncertain, trees/ close behind.// To west - all carrying of a load// and strain of mind./// Dew,/ now, and dawn/ like, as at first,// my wish, once more,/ turns my eyes// to role-play and that promise east-most// of new sunrise./// Signs/ to the sky,/ open, my steps,// a surge of cheer-/dust, untame,// becomes wind, runs forth, in the tree tops,// and calls my name.../// :::: In other words (just in case the quality of the poem kept you from understanding all of my meanings), having just become somewhat familiar with the contents of the Basic Rules manual (which describe the 5e rules and some lore of the Forgotten Realms setting), I felt the need to establish clearly what I should and should not concern myself with in the near future. First, looking at the complexity and many differences of the 3.5e rules (found at, I decided that I will keep away from them for some time. It seemed to me that the 5e rules, being complex and comprehensive enough, should, with quality role-play on top, lead to as satisfactory an experience as the 3.5e rules could. Besides, the higher edition number is, probably, a hint at improvement; which to me would be about simplification, without loosing stability, in favour of a greater freedom to interpret game circumstances and actions. Second, following a desire to become more aware of the extents of official lore content, and giving just a little consideration to the idea of buying some - which would have been a much too early investment in my role-playing life, I arrived at and found not only my wish copiously indulged, but also my inexperience overwhelmed with how demanding would be, both in terms of mental effort and time spent, to sort through all that information. And next to this negative observation, a very appealing idea was born (as if to compensate): that, as lore is most suitably not something to get lost in, but something to draw from only now and then, and only as thought necessary by each player, for that feeling of being part of a greater whole than the events of a single adventure might describe, perhaps any lore would do, as long it serves to complete, rather than confuse, or restrict, the players´ choices. And, on a tangent, what this idea might grow into is a system of rules for generation of lore, based on the common traits of all renowned works of fantasy, the purpose of which would be to offer each a player a means to connect the universe in his or her own heart to a common one, of all participants to a role-play adventure; but I already gave to much space to this thought - in the poem there is only the ease of being able to let go of learning lore. Third, in looking back at the learning work done so far, I decided that there in is all the foundation I needed, that my choices were good, my start was true, and so I will, from now on, be one step ahead, in the context of dnd role-play, from any beginning. I also feel that the place of effort is with the basics and, those mastered, any incursion into the unknown, from this point on, should be not as much on the lines of how others do things, something to work up to, as alongside that, freely, with effort obscured by the pleasure of joining in the game´s spirit, on equal terms. And last, I remembered that initial impulse that made me find my way here and from here on, into the world of dnd: the wish to meet others in role-playing, and to reach for light, for grace among people in such a context. And, freed from the burdens of commitment and hard work, I could again enjoy that wish and the prospects of it, as in the first days. Now, after having reached a more clear perspective, I can say that the next steps must surely be only in the direction of learning to role-play, and, besides a daily or so quick going through the material of basic rules, the acting out of a role is what I will spend my soul points on in the next few weeks. Finally :)

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