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Feywild Courts

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Because it has been requested, more details on each individual court. Read as much or as little as you like (probably a good idea to at least read over your court's members)

Summer Court

When mortals visualize the Feywild, they tend to imagine vibrant, immaculate eladrin cities placed in the center of dense, foreign forests oozing with magic and filled with strange creatures. Of all the courts, the Summer Court is closest to this tourist ideal. Brilliant cities hidden from casual observers can be found in glades along paths only the experienced can traverse. Wild parties and even wilder guests make day and night a pleasurable blur, a lotus-eating haven for those who cannot find satisfaction in mortal affairs. However, the Summer Court is as dangerous as it is wonderful, a fact most remember too late.

Winter Court

This cool, constantly ice-coated realm of the Feywild looks barren to those familiar with traditional tundra, but nothing could be further from the truth. The chilling cold bursts with furious, ruthless life, animal and person, that runs on a survival-of-the-fittest mindset. Life can be measured in gold- and bought and sold accordingly. Only those whose power goes beyond mere wealth are exempt from this rule. It was formerly even colder, but the infernal influence brought on by Luprex's entrance raised the temperature. Walking among the primarily eladrin population are sinister devils, tieflings, and other servants of Luprex, or simply those who share common ground with devils, such as a desire to hold slaves.


Danger awaits the traditionally civilized in the Wildlands- nothing is safe, and few venture without preparing for the dark, misty jungles with extensive gear and twice as much training as they expect. Filled with tremendous lizards, most of which are predatory, any who survive carry magnificent tales of what lies beyond the safety of the other courts. This is the Feywild at its wildest, its most primal and dangerous. The leader of the court here reflects this- mighty Oberon, his justice struck with a wild swing of the sword, not a careful execution of law. The band of ragtag allies and tribes at his call makes up the Green Court, strong enough to face any of the others despite their inconsistency of alliance.

The Fields

Sickly sweet and abuzz with busy beefolk, the Fields are constantly in a state of political turmoil. Dozens of queen bees and hundreds of princesses vie for power and position among the humanoid insects. The magical royal honey leaders consume is more precious even than diamond dust, as it makes the difference between a royal and the empty-minded commoner. Unable to think beyond the next meal, workers hustle and bustle without understanding why, as their mother conspires to end her political rivals and expand her hive. Though pollen dust is on the wind, the sweetness of beefolk is tempered by certain bitter realities.

Auril the Frostmaiden

Cold and cruel, the formerly kind heart of Auril froze to bitter evil in ancient times after some dispute with her sister not many can recall the origin of. From that point forwards, she had her cultists summon blizzards to express her wrath and was known as the Queen of Air and Darkness. When she recently summoned Luprex, she was the weakest of the archfey and hoped to use his power to bolster her own. Too prideful to ask for help in a more humble fashion and risk repeating what occurred when she served Talos, she demanded his servitude. Outraged, he broke free of the summoning circle she had used and proceeded to wreak havoc on her court, eventually defeating and banishing her. Now, she slowly regains power, and her hatred for the devil lord has grown even greater.

A bitter, vain, and evil archfey and intermediate deity, Auril demands her loosely organized clergy snuff out fire and use the powers she grants to make others fear her. The Winter Court was filled with unseelie fey, or those who did not find promises with mortals binding. Her capacity for hate seems odd to most people, as she seems to have no greater goal than to spread fear, gain power, and undermine her sister Titania. However, as of recent, her theological demands seem to be loosening. She only appears to desire an end to Luprex's grip on the Winter Court, and is willing to employ any method to obtain this end. Some people are beginning to expect she is moving away from evil, for whatever reason, but no true proof exists for this.

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