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The Stars Are Aligned! Fantasy Astrology Pt1.

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Since mankind has been able to see the stars at night, we have wondered about the bright lights and their motion. Astrology is defined as "the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world". A wizard or warlock might study the stars and use their magic in a connection with divined knowledge.

Twelve signs are generally used in connection with astrology, and in the Western tradition, each is associated to a specific one of the four elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) and one of three modalities (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable). This is the basis by which I will construct the archetype presented here.

Each element is associated with a particular type of reality and sort of mystic power.
Fire Signs:
Fire signs are associated with power, enthusiasm, and the mystic. Magic that empowers or destroys is strongest under a fire sign.
Water Signs:
Water signs are associated with internal clarity, empathy, and sensitivity. Magic that divines or cleanses is strongest under a water sign.
Earth Signs:
Earth signs are associated with practicality, caution, and the material. Magic that creates or protects is strongest under an earth sign.
Air Signs:
Air signs are associated with information, communication, and concepts. Magic that displays or connects is strongest under an air sign.


Each modality reflects a particular application of an element, and transmits valuable information about the nature of the power's use.
Cardinal Signs:
Cardinal signs are directed outwards. They have a particular change they want to accomplish. Ever-moving destiny favors cardinal signs.
Fixed Signs:
Fixed signs are steadfast and directed inwards, resisting change. They wish to keep things as they are. Inescapable fate favors fixed signs.
Mutable Signs:
Mutable signs are flexible, with no particular direction. They have no goal, hindering or helping equally. Fickle fortune favors mutable signs.

In order of seasonal appearance:
(Winter->Spring): Shield (Cardinal Earth), Chisel (Fixed Air), Brush (Mutable Water)
(Spring->Summer): Sword (Cardinal Fire), Chain (Fixed Earth), Dice (Mutable Wind)
(Summer->Fall): Oar (Cardinal Water), Seal (Fixed Fire), Plow (Mutable Earth)
(Fall->Winter): Tome (Cardinal Air), Bowl (Fixed Water), Torch (Mutable Fire)

Major Signs:

Each of these is tagged with a short description and a personality trait, ideal, bond, and flaw that might be found in a person born under a particular sign. People are more complicated than a simple chart, however, so someone born under a sign is obviously not beholden to its stereotypes.
Shield (Cardinal Earth)
The shield represents something that is being protected at all costs, or resolve in the face of adversity.
Personality Trait: I am unstoppable once I have set my mind to a course of action.
Focus. Let everyone else burn themselves out on trivial things. I know what's truly important.
I have a pet or trinket I've owned for years and have extensive memories with.
I get too attached to things I've outgrown or no longer need.
Chisel (Fixed Air)
The chisel represents knowledge made permanent. A fact is made clear, important and indisputable.
Personality Trait: I always have a piece of useful advice for someone who needs it.
Knowledge. The more I know, the more I can accomplish.
There's a piece of literature or song I enjoy and can recite from memory.
I find it hard to admit when I'm wrong.
Brush (Mutable Water)
The brush represents a new approach to an old philosophy, or something viewed from a new perspective.
Personality Trait: I'm always looking for interesting trinkets or trivia.
Understanding. Only by seeing from someone else's position can we understand our own.
I have a group of three or so friends I exchange ideas with.
I try to compromise too often for my own good.
Sword (Cardinal Fire)
The sword represents a deliberate change in power, or a new direction or action an existing power has decided to take.
Personality Trait: I act on instinct, trusting my experience to help me decide rightly.
Conviction. You can't wibble on 'what if' forever.
I have a close friend I grew up with I feel like I can confide anything in.
When I am upset, it takes me a long time to calm down.
Chain (Fixed Earth)
The chain represents peace, restraint, and consistency. What is considered wrong or evil has been controlled.
Personality Trait: I have an excellent memory and am good at remembering details.
Tradition. If we forget the past, we have no hope for the future.
I find a family member or friend of my family in every city I visit.
It's hard for me to change my life direction.
Dice (Mutable Wind)
The dice represent uncertainty, for good or ill. Things are no longer as stable as they once were.
Personality Trait: I'm good at small talk and starting conversations.
Freedom. Getting caught up or tied down by something is no fun.
I have friends everywhere. I like everyone, and everyone likes me.
I don't always think through my decisions.
Oar (Cardinal Water)
The oar represents a cultural change, or an alteration to an existing philosophy.
Personality Trait: I'm a natural leader, able to make decisions when everyone else is at a loss.
Ideal: Patience. Everything has its time and place.
I have a hobby I rely on to relax, and relate to other hobbyists.
I can't be rushed when doing things, or I make errors.
Seal (Fixed Fire)
The seal represents someone in power enforcing something, whether philosophy or law.
Personality Trait: I undertake everything I do seriously and with great fervor.
Fairness. Everyone should play by the same rules.
I have a mentor or parent I idolize.
I'm brutally honest and can't tolerate 'white lies' or rules-bending.
Plow (Mutable Earth)
The plow represents the everyday and ordinary, from which the extraordinary and successes can be harvested.
Personality Trait: I'm soft-spoken, but always aware of my surroundings.
Humility. We all live on the same earth, and everyone's opinions are important.
I share a commonly-held philosophy or set of beliefs, and find common ground with people that share them.
I automatically assume everyone else holds my beliefs and standards.
Tome (Cardinal Air)
The tome represents information turned towards a cause or end, or a manifesto, a goal that calls for aid.
Personality Trait: I don't care what other people think- I'm completely self-confident.
Truth. Politics and feelings take second place to facts.
I learned from a famous author or speaker and tend to imitate them.
I often say things I don't mean to gauge other people's reactions or beliefs.
Bowl (Fixed Water)
The bowl represents internal clarity made whole and firm, a resolve or belief that cannot be shaken.
Personality Trait: I am calm in any situation, and cannot be easily angered.
Self-Awareness. If you know who you are, you can act without fear.
I have a temple or home I always find myself returning to.
I ignore the opinions of people that don't share my beliefs.
Torch (Mutable Fire)
The torch represents change, but it is wild and uncontrollable, such as a revolution or natural event.
Personality Trait: I'm temperamental and strong-willed.
Courage. Acting in the face of the fear is the mark of a champion.
I have a band of friends or a gang I can turn to in a pinch.
I find myself easily caught up in a crowd or mob.

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