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Blog 204: Character Updates! and Writing

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We haven't managed to rescue the kid from the extradimensional amulet, but we did find our bard's grandfather's house, which is something. The kid actually popped through a magic door in this vicinity, so maybe the grandfather might even know something about all this.

WE DID IT! We actually completed this dungeon and fight against the dragon and evil giant. Except that we ended up not having to fight the dragon, which was really the best outcome there, ahaha.

The EB campaign is currently on winter break, so...I've actually started writing the campaign out into serial novel-ish form. I'm pretty sure that I can't use my players's characters, like not allowed to by the laws of fanfic or something, so the heroes are going to be taken from the other, pre-made Children of Westcrown.

The serial starts before the first meeting of the Children of Westcrown, which is where the campaign started. It actually starts with the two side quests that the players weren't interested in pursuing. So, needless to say, events have been rearranged.

I'm thinking of not having the first meeting of the Children of Westcrown until after the play, the after-party, and the first dungeon crawl. It would be to give the heroes more incentive to work with Fiosa and the CoW because they'd have seen a member of the CoW in action for the good of the city.

It's actually on Wattpad right now, Council of Thieves, but I'm thinking of letting my players know once I've gotten to a point in the story that they'd actually recognize. Right now, it's really just been all remix of those first sidequests and characters, too. There's a huge cast in CoT, so some of the less compelling/more easily ignored/forgotten characters have taken on new roles.

As for Dragpocalypse--I'm still writing!!! I'm almost finished, actually. There's only one more chapter, Part 14, but I think it might end up being the longest of the chapters. Can I finish by Xmas? Unlikely. Can I finish by the end of this year? Hmmmmmm. Goals, I'll say that, ahaha.

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