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Blog 201: Campaigns and Writing

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Our noble heroes have been slightly separated. One neared death but fortunately stabilized. One is being attacked by tiny, invisible gremlin types after investigating a rather large and conspicuous object. The others are climbing down to help or simply watching.

The boulders have dropped. It's combat time! This time against some somewhat more threatening forces. Although I seem to remember creating this encounter back when we had seven PCs. Right now, I think we have five? One of our lovely players had to drop due to RL, although they may return come January. Another we haven't heard from in a while. Maybe they've just been biding their time with the rp and the combat will bring them back into action. Literally, ahaha.

OMG, last night I finally got to get back into Dragpocalypse and it was GREAT. Not the quality of the writing, ahaha, but just to write free-form like that. I've got a ways to go before it'll be finished, but it's definitely past the halfway mark.

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