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Blog 198: Dragpocalypse and Writing

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I'm over halfway finished with my NaNoWriMo project, Dragpocalypse, whoohoo!!! The hardest stretch is just ahead, however. The semester is rapidly coming to a close, meaning I've got about two weeks and then a week of finals. Which is the same as one week left to write, one week of studying, and then another non-writing week of finals, *sweats*.

What does this mean for Dragpocalypse? In all likelihood, that I'm simply not gonna be able to finish it this month. But, it's been a blast writing it, so I'll try to finish it in December. After the first week--got a Japan trip coming up, whoohoo!!!

When would I like to finish it? Before Christmas would be great. It'd be like a Christmas present to TTW and, of course, to me, ahahaha.

On a semi-surreal note, this NaNoWriMo group I'm in asked me what genre I'm writing and it seemed like 'fanfiction' was the closest I could get to what this is. It's made for fantasy and adventure, but it's not mine. It's all based on the monsters created by Paizo and even some third party elements, most notably the Dragonrider class itself. So, technically, I'm taking all this borrowed material and placing it into a field guide-ish format.

Eventually, I'm hoping that I can use this a campaign world basis. Which will be Paizo's material, third party, my material, and others's all together. Fanfiction? Weirdly, yeah.

That's the one thing that irks me about writing as I'm doing now. In a lot of ways, I prefer to produce original content. That's a lot lonelier, of course. Writing for a game, you get almost instant response because everyone is posting.

But there's so much more freedom in free writing. Someday, I think I might just end up turning back to original, creative writing. For now, however, I've got games that I'm in and games that I'm DMing, so I'd like to see those out first. Writing here on TTW has been a great experience writing a little bit every day, which is a habit so critical to writing.

Eventually, I'm going to have to get around to refining my editing, but for that, I will need to have original content, because editing on TTW is very, very different from editing a story.

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