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If anyone is reading this

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Hello, everybody. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a student, and sadly, the academic pressure cooker has been slowly stepping up the temperature for a while now. I'm going to be delayed in my posting in the near future, possibly until the end of the semester. That, and I'm dealing with a bit of DM fatigue, partly as a result of the first part.

I've tossed around an idea for a superhero setting called Power Corrupts in the past, and have stated that if players are willing to submit five characters, then I will run a game in the setting using the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rules. That's still holding, but in the future rather than 'soon'.

Since I'm in no condition to post a recruitment thread, I'm going to post a bunch of links that can help anyone interested in the Power Corrupts game. If you want to submit a character to me, feel free to post it as a comment, send it to me as a PM, or contact me by Discord.

Power Corrupts Specifics:
Setting Description and Primer
Example Character Construction and Complete Datafile Maximum Force
Cast of Useful Characters That Are Probably Gonna Be in the Game When I Run It
(Descriptions are extremely simplistic and focus primarily on powers. If anyone wants to make a datafile (read: character sheet) of a listed character, I may let you play the character in question.)

Free Publisher-Granted Resources:

(Previously distributed for free by the publisher, anyone feel free to inform me if I need to take this down due to legal shenanigans.)
Player Cheat Sheet
Watcher (Me) Cheat Sheet
Random Datafile Generator

(For you lazy bums. Note that I may not accept a totally random character if it makes no sense to me)

Useful Sites That Do Stuff for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying:
Exploring Infinity
Plot Points

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