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Nice point

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"Why do we need a blog?" I ask and am answered with an excellent counter-argument. Why do we NOT need one?

I'm also in a fair bit of shock at the fact that not only did people read something I didn't know was going to be that out in the open (thought it wouldn't be seen unless someone actually visited my page) but also at the fact that the title "FIRST!" while meant to be a joke might have just turned out to be true!

Also, free form roleplay is sometimes lame. And sometimes incredibly awesome!

Gregory House as a shinigami guys. Kidou is his primary, swordsmanship his secondary. The kido part is mainly of the healing variety with some binding spells as well. Swordsmanship because it's awesome and it's required for a shinigami to make blade techniques either primary or secondary due to the integral part their soul slayer is to their archtype.

He is level thirty-five, an excellent team mate, and in my world this makes excellent sense!

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