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Blog 183: Campaign, Misc, Prep

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Our noble heroes are currently facing off against a devil whose type they've previously encountered but not yet fought until now. Thankfully, he's been stunned, buying them some time before he whips out his glaive and his beard. Will they ever see the original Barbarossa, thespian, ever again? Hmmm.

So, as I'd feared, I'm really freaking busy this semester. It's whatever. And, hey, at the very end of the semester, the first week of December, I'll be taking a trip to JAPAN, whee!!! Last time, I went to Okinawa, which was mostly countryside. This time, I'll be heading to the main island and possibly hitting up Universal.

Anyway, I had an idea for a slow-paced, me updating once-a-week campaign, but I basically can't touch it this semester. Except to prep!!!

I'm still thinking this through, but the main idea thus far is that the PCs were all childhood friends from the same village. They go into the world to do their thing and something horrible happens to the village in their absence. They return, ten years later, all called back to the village with some kind of urgent invite and discover that things are definitely not quite right.

The village problem forms one quest-line, so there are some village contacts that they all know, but I'd like to get contacts from their backgrounds to help populate the village and use for other quests.

The village, in my imagination right now, is the last 'normal' settlement on the frontier of a forest claimed by magical and supernatural beings and divided into territories. As the PCs become more powerful, they'd be able to really put their village on the map by dealing with the otherworldly powers, possibly making both enemies and allies.

I don't want to fill in the details for other questlines yet because I'd really like this to be a character-focused campaign as opposed to the very much plot-driven campaign I'm running right now. So, it would be as combat- or rp-heavy as the players wanted.

I'm not sure how much this idea will change over this semester, but if things are coming together in the RL, then I'll probably try to put out an interest check in November. Always the RL, ahaha.

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