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Axar's Audacious Adventure Log

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Fantastic update for what's been happening in our game. Thanks Axar

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Chapter 1
A motley group of aspiring, but untrained, adventurers answers the call of the Fall Moon Guild to guard a warehouse in Jasrel overnight. Outfitted with only a dagger, the dozen assorted folks were sent to a warehouse with some regular and some magically warded crates. They were briefly told that someone was breaking into the warehouse and the guild wanted it stopped. They were then locked in the warehouse overnight by Jaxon from the Fall Moon Guild.

The original group locked in the warehouse consisted of Marjolein, Hildegard, Jade, Althir, Zavros, Axar, Terri, Gerald, Rhenger, Calaral, Turner (NPC), Ottie (NPC), and Valhraeton. There was some minor tension between Calaral and Valhraeton, the half drow/half human. Calaral clearly didn’t like the half-drow, and didn’t make any attempt to hide it. Maglador attempts to touch a warded crate and got burnt by it.

The warehouse is roughly 100’ X 100’ with crates stacked nearly up to the rafters in some areas. There were no windows, and the only door (which was locked from the outside) was on the south wall. A single small campfire was set in the middle of warehouse for lighting purposes.
While making her patrol rounds, Hildegard heard a muffled sneeze from the northwest corner of the warehouse. A feint scratching is also heard at the front cargo door shortly afterward.

At first searching doesn’t reveal much. Several members of the group think they see shadows in the rafters, and some folks climb into the rafters to investigate. Finally, Terri, the gnome, is surprised when a noose slips around her throat and pulls her off the ground from above. Zavros is quick to cut the rope with his dagger and free the gnarr.

Rhenger is strangled seconds later, but Althir thinks fast and pulls the rope, freeing Rhenger and causing the kobold to plummet from the rafters to his death. The group next spots a feral kobold devouring Valhraeton. With the sounds at the front door increasing, Jade and Maglador push a non-warded crate in front of the door and notice the smell of fish and the markings, “Jasrel’s Finest Fishcake Co” on it. The scratching sounds eventually died away, the source of which was never identified.

A total of 7 kobolds were spotted. A fight ensues, with several folks climbing into the rafters to fight the evasive kobolds. Gerald kills a kobold and Althir nearly plummets to his own death, only narrowly holding on. Jade throws a dagger from below with amazing accuracy, killing one as well.
Upon closer examination, Marjolein determines the kobolds have an emblem on their leather. It appears to be made out of blood and resembles a stylized goats head. The kobolds hide in the rafters, occasionally throwing poop at the group and harassing them while they developed a plan.
The group notices that there are 7 opened crates, and 7 kobolds in the warehouse with them. The opened crates that once housed the kobolds are stamped KLM and some numbers. Those opened crates contain stones to give the illusion of extra weight beyond that of their former kobold stow-away. Hildegard comes up with an idea of breaking the rocks into smaller pieces and throwing it at the remaining kobolds. After a few minutes, the remaining feces-flinging kobolds are killed and the warehouse secured.

When morning came, Jaxon opened the doors and led the survivors away to be interviewed in separate rooms. There, the group met more of the Fall Moon Guild. In addition to Jaxon, they met O’ehirng, Fawn, Ilena, and Plar. After the group individually explained what happened, they were offered training over the course of the winter by the Fall Moon Guild for their services the previous night. At the end of their training, they will be offered a membership to the Fall Moon guild, or they would be free to form their own company if they preferred. All but Ottie and Turner agreed to the training, whom were not seen again in the later training sessions.

Chapter 2
As the group exits their interviews, they head out of the Fall Moon guild to the commons area. The guild is a three story, large square building with a central courtyard area (about 100’ X 100’) that has been turned into a courtyard and open to the sky. There are trees and a small fountain. They notice a man sitting near a dead tree. He quietly talks to a dead tree. He is overheard telling the tree how much he misses it. When they question him about his discussion, he excuses himself and departs to the north wing of the guild.

Jaxon Ryder gathers the others and introduces himself as a guild officer. He mentions the outer lock to the guild is magically locked. He then introduces them to the porter, Jacobs. The front of the building is where they do most of their business. The officers rooms are on the second floor and the top floor is the guild masters’ office. The east and west wings are training halls.

Giovanni “Johnny” Thornhill, the cook, is eventually introduced as the guild leader. He gives a brief speech about the rules, which are fairly simple to follow. Eventually, the group is divided up for training. Revi and Vortigern train most of the warriors, including Axar, Calaral, Rhenger, and Zavros.
Gerald and Terri, who sought employment as scouts, were personally trained by Johnny.

Hildegard and Marjolein received training at their respective temples in Jasrel by day, with Revi and Vortigern training them in the evenings.
Althir is trained by Jaxon as a warlock. Jade will spend her days at the Cock and Bull Tavern training as a bard. She gets supplemental training by the warriors and Johnny as well. During their training, Jaxon revealed his true nature – he was a drow named Nym of the house Nattvandrare (but only to Althir). Althir makes his pact with Titania, Queen of the Sindari. She stands over ten feet tall, clad in green with gold leaves and vines.

Valhraeton (half drow/human)
Marjolein – male human cleric
Hildegard – female human cleric
Jade –female fendari/half elf bard
Althir – male fendari warlock
Zavros – male human fighter
Axar – male dwarro/dwarf barbarian
Terri – female gnarr/gnome – rogue
Gerald – male human rogue
Rhenger – male human fighter
Calaral – female lidani ranger

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