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Blog 160: Campaigns

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Our noble heroes have made it all the way up the mountain to the fortress, where they knocked the door off its hinges. The door's lying on the floor right now, ahaha. They've done really well in the combat encounters so far, so I'm pretty sure they'll be able to handle everything inside the fortress/dungeon.

Our noble heroes, currently actors, have finished the first act and are now about to start the second! This second act is the first one with a torture for them to face. It's also the only instance of pvp that is going to be allowed in the game. More tortures await them, but this is the one they have to inflict on each other.

The RL
In addition to watching the Mummy and the Mummy Returns, my bestie and I marathoned American Gods. OMG. It was amazing. No spoilers. I LOVED it. Just excellent. Phenomenal casting job, omg. It'll be another year until the next season, but still. I need more seasons.

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