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Blog 155: Campaigns and Misc

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Last I heard from my lovely players, we're just about ready to get started on this adventure. I'm very excited to kick off!

Our noble heroes have just started into this rp quest, the acting quest! Where they get to be actors! I'm so excited for them! They're in the midst of auditions at the moment, which have been going great. Very, very excellent work.

I was recently informed that Council of Thieves can lead into Curse of the Crimson Throne? I'm not sure how because I thought CotCT also started as a low-level adventure but I'll be looking into it if that is indeed the case. Admittedly, CoT only takes the players to about the 13th level, which is not exceedingly high. Maybe there is an AP that could fall in after that. If not, it is actually possible to run further, more open-world adventures after the end of CoT IF the players were interested--not necessarily contained to Westcrown either. It's so far in the future though that we'll just have to see.

The RL
I have a working Saturday this weekend, so I'm probably going to be out then.

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  1. mdh's Avatar
    Misc - I apologize for the confusion re AP's. I was trying to discuss my character and poorly wrote about what happened to my character in another AP.
  2. Isada's Avatar
    Oh, no problem! We could still potentially have post-game adventures, possibly drawing on resources from some higher level AP path. It all depends^^.