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Rookie Card.
Now my party is in the actual mystery part of the story. what makes it better is one of the party actually witness the culprits moving th body but only saw lanky grey figures. I've made the 'Grey Shadows' out to be a big deal. what the party DOESN'T know is they're up against a pair of Dopplegangers pretending to me average town citizens. If they aren't quick with this mystery, the more people are going to end up being straight up murdered to further the dopple's plot. I have most of the next plotline in my head, too. it involves an abandonded temple, a cross country chase and a return of two important NPCs. should be fun. the only character I'm really worried about droppong out is the Summoner. There's not a lot for her to do right now, and she hasn't really been engaged. I wouldn't at all be shocked if the player posts a 'I'm not really having fun' message at some point. It's cool. I have kinda a low combat DMing style that's heavier on character and NPC interaction. and that's not for everyone.
Phoenix Squadron The party is near the end of their first questline in a dwarven city that's been run down and mostly is depressing. They're in Audience with the Chieftan, having captured the half-orc that took over the mines, and there's a dude whispering in the king's ear. Similarities to Theodan and Wormtongue are purely...intentional. They're definitly digging the kinda creepy vibe. Now confession time. I fudged the whole questline. or most of it. The original part had them just killing som Goblins who were raiding the kitchen. I added some dead dwarves in there so I could intro a player whos now left, then I decided the LG archpriest of thte temple would want them to return the remains. The player playing the dwarf PC made up her hometown and the connecting city, so I had to make both of those up, then decide why the chief wouldn't see them, and added the mine. so...75 percent of the first plotline wasn't in my note originally. oh well. I pretty much have the next wo plotlines set except for some minor details. Next plotline is also going to involve a theif, but this time one forced to steal for a good reason. the party will have to wait and see.

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