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Blog 154: Character Updates!

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We've finally been able to enter the city run by the mad dwarf king. Things are looking grim for his citizens. Maybe we'll be able to help them out a little.

It's the last room in the bandit hideout. We think. There's been no sign of the wizard just yet. We'll just have to break the bad news to our friend that he was betrayed by his other friend.

Our new companion has arrived! We haven't actually met them yet, so introductions must be made--exciting!

We've finally gotten to the library that we were working so hard to get to. Now we just need to find that information. Research time, just like college.

The RL
It's Dragonboat Festival here in Taiwan. Yesterday, I went to castle(?). It was this huge park with castle-ish buildings all around this lake and then a forest with a ton of zen gardens up the side of a mountain. All in the same park. My favorite part was getting to feed the fish and these two kinda clever ducks that hung back behind the school of gaping fishes and just waited like, we know we're cute now throw us some feed, ahaha.

I'm reading Transmetropolitan right now on the recommendation of two of my lovely players who also happen to be two of my awesome teambuds in other games.

The story itself has wickedly funny but also mildly depressing because it's so real, especially these days. It reminds of that one joke: plot twist--humanity learns from its mistakes.

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  1. theScrappy's Avatar
    Have your bowels been disrupted?
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    TMI you share...
  4. Isada's Avatar
    It's the result of a bowel disruptor gun.
  5. Isada's Avatar
    Not an actual bowel condition--no worries!