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Blog 153: Character Misc

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My friends have been talking about karaoke recently and I might be going sometime, which has made me think of...what songs my characters would do for karaoke time. Just imagining them in a karaoke bar with their respective teammates--omg, I love it.

Journey's Don't Stop Believing--oh yes, Maolin is that sweet earnest singer that's gonna believe every word she sings and get all lifted up from it. She wouldn't go as far as to get teary-eyed, but she would absolutely close her eyes while belting it out. Her line up would probably read almost exactly like the Guardian of the Galaxy soundtracks.

Lady Gaga's Judas--Barker would do it as a joke but be completely into it. He would even do the wacky music video dance for it. He's a Fighter, athletic, so he'd def kill it. He might possibly do Lady Gaga songs for the entire night, breaking formation only to sing Bohemian Rhapsody with the whole team.

System of a Down's Chop Suey!--Neimu would pick that one deliberately to annoy the heck out of everyone else in the karaoke room. Just have a blast shout-talking, shout-singing, and plain old shouting. Everyone song they lined up would be obnoxious in fashions ranging from the subtle ear worm to the blatant ear crime.

The Police's Roxanne--Taroko's got this deep, scratchy voice that would pair really well with this karaoke staple, but she'd get bored right in the middle of the song and hold out the mic so everyone else in the room could sing the rest of it together. This would be her one song and then she'd be done for the remainder of the night, maybe only possibly being convinced toward the end to do Tom Waits.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's Dance Off--Hildi is pure, innocent party and would just throw herself into it, singing and dancing. She'd love the challenge of all the different speeds and increase her already turbulent dance intensity during all the verbal breaks. Hildi likes the challenging numbers and would find a way to dance to all of them.

Arctic Monkeys's R U Mine?--Centian is that kinda person who listens to songs and associates them with people, but in her case that person is always Centipede (My Darling), her eidolon. If Centipede were in that karaoke room with everyone, she'd essentially take this moment to serenade him. She'd only pick songs about relationships.

Jason Derulo's Swalla--Sharlot would make eye contact with everyone else in that room while singing and dancing. And probably would lose clothes while she was at it. Every song she picked would be suggestive. Marvin Gaye would be her closer.

The Smashing Pumpkins's Bullet with Butterfly Wings--Yan's just a naturally angry, angsty, dramatic lady. And her flat, screamy voice would sound exactly like Billy Corgan's when sung. Her entire line up would be Billy Corgan or Bon Scott.

Tenacious D's Tribute--Niels is just a goof, a complete goof, when he lets loose. He'd be 100% into it and doing all of Jack Black's dances, voices, and faces. He's got a surprisingly good voice. He would only pick Tenacious D or Queen.

The Mountain Goats's Rain in Soho--Jini would try to get one or all of her teammates to sing with her. It's not a song to sing alone. And it appeals to her inner nihilist. She would refuse to sing anything other than the Mountain Goats on principle.

The RL
DRAGONBOAT WEEKEND IS HERE!!! I don't think my throat will be good to go by karaoke time, tbh, but there's a party tonight and we're going to a castle(?) tomorrow, so the plans are rolling in.

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  1. LakethePondling's Avatar
    If Barker could get the mic from Tyrus. I think Tyrus would be the type if he was a little drunk to hog the mic. and sing the most complicated songs on the catalogue. perfectly. Mostly really sultry stuff and big power ballads.
  2. Isada's Avatar
    Ahaha^^ That would great. Barker would totally wave his lighter in the air with this dead serious face.