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Characters and Campaigns II

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Another character and campaign update

Abel is enjoying a nice steak in a tavern made from a gigantic shell. it looks like this line of questioning will lead nowhere, so after lunch, they have another suspect to interview.

Tyrus is still in a dress but no longer pretending to be a woman. next time he'll pick a name further from his own than Tyria, since the sherriff figured out his identity in seconds. The Party has recovered the reward money for the job they just completed, and are on their way to the market to spend some of it. On the way, they nearly battled some of Tyrus' old shipmates turned bandits, but were rescued at the last second by a bounty hunter. I;m sure that's not going to bite poor ex-pirate Tyrus in the Butt anytime soon.

Alejandro went from the frying pan into the fire. skeleton beaten, they were examining this room, when a tome seized ahold of his mind and forced him to summon a demon/teifling from hell. The party jumped the newcomer who sicced limbless zombies on the party. Fun.

Vee has been retired. I really didn't think his character fit the setting, but on the flipside, I built a new character for our transition to Jade Regent, The world will soon hear of the adventures of Karana Xorua'gash, tea sipping cleric of Sarenrae.

Campaign Thoughts:

Rookie Card:
More like 'Mercenary Card' or 'We only work for large amounts of Gold'. The Party has been poking around i the tavern, seeking information about 'grey shadows' seen by some of the villagers. When they found out there wasn't any money involved, they were much more reluctant to get involved. I think it's my fault for overrewarding the charcters early on. now they're greedy, and I need to take care of that greed. Hmmm. anyways, most of them have turned in for the night, but the lead player decided to stay up and keep watch. Things are about to get interesting.

Phoenix Squadron: I hadn't realized that level 2 characters could do 30 damage in one round against my level 5 half orc boss. I really should have had him have a minion or something to make this a tougher fight. He tried to flee, but they performed teh Trip action on him and captured him. So now they're sending him to the dwarves that he took the mine from. I may have him escape from jail or somethign and coem back stronger, especially that they humiliated him by strippign him of his things. Once they finish with him and with returning the dwarven corpses, this'll pretty much tie up their first arc/quest line. I do have some ideas, but i really need to flesh out their next quest.

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