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Blog 140: Character Updates! (and Misc)

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Our bro in arms permanently deaded this bandit we'd knocked unconcious and had considered questioning. Hildi, being CG, is pretty freaked out.

We found the big bad. BOSS BATTLE! Probably.

We're off to a new destination! For Barker, at least. I'm not sure if the others have been here or not. But, always exciting going down a new road.

The RL
It turns out you can't say 'He put two hands in his pockets' in Mandarin unless you're prepared for the follow-up: 'Where did he put the rest of the body?' Yeah, the teacher laughed a good five minutes at that unfortunate answer. The answer is always to own the body parts before you put them in your pockets.

Actually, the whole class was a trip figuring out how to use the new vocabulary and grammar. The teach tried helping by Googling examples, but the first time she wasn't specific and only used the verb, and the internet was the Internet, so.

Anyway, I've got a huge project scheduled for this weekend. We'll see how it goes. *sweats*

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