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So...I played a hated game.

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There it was.
Tantalizing on the shelf of Wii games at the local retro game store.
I'd seen it before, but always passed it up for more interesting titles.
Today, nothing else struck my fancy, so I knelt on the old wooden shop floor amidst the beeping of arcade machines and display consoles and slid it out. Metroid: Other M. Price: $8
I have that much.
This is also not the only metroid game I've owned. I have the original Prime and Prime 3: Corruption at home.
I take the game to the register. I've been here before. The Clerk knows my face. I hand him a 10 dolalr bill and the game.
I tell him I'm curious. I want to see if it's as bad as I've heard .
I take it home. Eject the game currently in the Wii, (Monster Hunter Tri for the curious), and slid the disc in.
My Wii accepts the disc without issues.
I point the Wiimote at the screen and waggle the cursor over to the little square and press the Start game button.
The Game Loads.
I press New Game.
Samus is talking. And talking.
Finally. I have control of her.
Jump. Shoot. Run. Morph Ball. Bomb.
Having fun.
Man, this chick likes to talk. ooh. army guy.
Okay. This feels more like metroid. not as complex as Prime, but still fun.
Point at the screen to go first person. Got it.
Now no bombs or missile.
Fine. I have my gun.
Made it through the ship.
Boss Fight.
Peice of cake.
Cutscene. With Emo Young Samus. Who WILL NOT STOP TALKING.
Okay. The Talking is getting to me.
I need a break.

Metroid Other M isn't terrible at all. It's a decent game...when Samus isn't talking.

Maybe I'll stick to Prime.

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