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003: The Fall of Myth-Weavers!

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Active Character Updates
  • Tarsus (Chronicles of Misthaven: White Stars):
    • Still gathering information in Darkwater, Inc. Sharlot employs feminine wiles, and Tarsus watches for the mark's reaction. This dynamic is going to get weird, quick.

  • Mud Rudder (Wasteland):
    • They made it back alive! With bounty in hand! Now where's his motorcycle?

  • Seldon Nuanthiell (Chronicles of Misthaven: Red Flag):
    • The gang decided that rather than participate in Yuki's coup, they'd head out for the mists and stake a claim on some other plane. But while they were lucky enough to end up on a plane that has breathable air, the Mists had their way with a number of the travelers. So Seldon, the tiefling raised by elves, is now a fuzzy li'l kitty cat.

  • Carrick the Warm (Against the Shadow):
    • Go to the place, kill the children? Kill the thing? Kill the thing. Forget the children. Search the thing for shinies.

General Thoughts
I got nothing right now. Busy week. Just lucky to get some actual game-posts up.

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