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Post 001: Technically 003.

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So, I just noticed that people actually use the blog function here. I'll give it a shot. I previously used it as a place to store content that I didn't know what else to do with, but I'll try to keep this semi-regularly updated. Elsewhere on the internet, my comments are usually very political. Here, I'll try to keep it mostly related to my content at TTW. And I'll try to use a fairly consistent format.

Active Character Updates
  • Tarsus, in Chronicles of Misthaven: The White Stars, sort of regressed to an earlier state. When he started out with the White Stars in Tiger's Misthaven setting, he was a jovial, drunken cleric. I was in the middle of reading ASOIAF, so I'll admit I drew on a combination of Bronn and Thoros for his personality. Early on into his first mission, Tarsus took a leadership role because no one else stepped up, and that tempered his personality a lot. He got sober, and serious. Far fewer jokes. Kind of brooding. Due to "casualties" (i.e., player drops), the teams have been shuffled and Tarsus sits somewhere beneath Tsukohari. This has freed him up to be less brooding, less responsible, and more fun. The antics with Sharlot have been a joy to think out and write. Still no drinking, but we'll see how things go.
  • Mud Rudder—God, I still love that name—in Wasteland, is currently a passenger in the back of Six's mustang, holding on for dear life as the team tries to outrun a deadly dust storm.
  • Seldon Nuanthiell, in Chronicles of Misthaven: The Red Flag, has his concerns about following the half-orcs on their weaponless roaring rampage of revenge, but he's far too meek to voice them directly.

General Thoughts
It's weird to have so few active characters, but as I study to take the California Bar Exam next month, I admit if I had many more, I'd probably troll-drop and that's not something I want to do. But I find that Tarsus is the one character I enjoy writing the most. Also, the above-discussed reversion in his personality has given me a newfound respect for TPO. In retrospect, I'm afraid Tarsus has been fairly one-dimensional. There have been multiple sides shown, but it's all one at a time. But in writing Tsukohari, TPO has been careful to keep multiple aspects of the character present in almost every post, and that's something I'm going to try to emulate.

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  1. Isada's Avatar
    Nice blog--great read^^! Love the format.
    P.S. Good luck on the bar.
  2. theScrappy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Isada
    Nice blog--great read^^! Love the format.
    P.S. Good luck on the bar.
    Thanks on all three counts!