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Blog 64: Character Updates!

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Is back in action! And it's new Sharlot, too. She hasn't finished the particular character development trajectory that she's currently on. Right now, she's suffering from withdrawal and sleeplessness, but the second condition is about to be remedied.

Is trying to get this rod of cursing out of the hands of this brothel witch before she hits another fighter with it. There are only two of them still functioning right now, and Yan's about the furthest from battle competent than anyone can get.

May be headed over a waterfall. He's looking for a way out, but there may only be one way, down.

Welp, we've brought the body into town and are trying to see if we can get her resurrected. But Neimu being a cultist, they are giving this church and priest who's apparently extremely dangerous to cultists a wide berth.

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