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Blog 53: Campaign Planning

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I've been working on the setting to figure out the mystery part. That might sound kinda odd, but it worked for me--I've got the mystery! As well as a skeleton of the setting.

It's still going to be set on an island based on Taiwan, but the population is a little different than I'd originally imagined. The dominant races are Suli, Fetchling, and a psionic subrace of Human. None of them have access to any divine magic. The Sulis don't worship a deity. The Fetchlings are stranded here and thus cast off by their Shadow deity. The indigenous Humans had an indigenous god, but none of them remain.
All the Humans here now are descendents of the mercenaries hired by the Fetchlings and Suli-Jann in their war over the island. They've abandoned the gods of their forefathers because all native Humans here now are born psionic because of the way that the war altered the land. The power of their own minds has been more than enough to replace the influence of any god.

Progress, yay, but this development also means working out altered race characteristics for the Sulis, Fetchlings, and Human psions for internal consistency (and rp point balance). Which is yet another thing added to the list of things I want sorted before checking interest in a campaign like this, ahaha.

Super glad to have the mystery figured out, though, because omg was that constantly haunting me.

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