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Blog 52: Character Updates!

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Is getting ever closer to her next mission with the team! There are new people on the team, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how we'll work together^^

Just finished up combat where, maybe miraculously, nobody died. We've got a group of ruffians we want to send to the town jail, actually. But there's suspected retribution in the wings, so something to be wary of.

Is trying to help her friends Deceive this mother of a cultist. We'll see how that goes over. We're not exactly in any position to put up much of a fight.

Is, along with the rest of the party, having the absolute worst spate of rolls. She just failed what may have been too late a stab at Deception anyway and things are getting super tense. Stealth/cover/what have you has been totally blown.

Is trying to work out what is required of the team for their test as well as where they are supposed to be going. So far, we haven't turned up many clues.

Is hoping to broker a deal to get some shady operations going. They need to purchase quite a bit but the group doesn't have enough coin, so maybe another kind of trade can be arranged--manual, destructive labor, which is something their companions really excel at.

Is about to get to the first dungeon! Super exciting because this will be the first time he's fought alongside the party. He's a fighter, so his combat tactic is pretty much 'don't miss.' But he hasn't seen how the party has been synergizing yet and hopefully can get worked into that for max carnage, ahaha.

And...I have created another character. Not sure if they'll be chosen, though, because they've got high kill-ibility. Neimu, half-elf bard, is a cultist. A secret cultist who's actually pretty decent at keeping it secret because for all their faithful devotion, Neimu can't quote the scripture of their god to save their life. They are wrong but fanatically wrong, ahaha. I really hope I can play them because I do so love bards and a chance to play a CULTIST, but I can totally understand if that'd be way too conflicting.

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